The Wilson Staff Nexus Carry Golf Bag is the Perfect Carry Golf Bag to Buy

Wilson is one of the leading brands of sporting goods and accessories. The brand is created by Wilson Sporting Goods, an American company that is currently based in Chicago, Illinois. Wilson creates a wide variety of sports equipment and accessories. They have sportswear and accessories on almost all kinds of sports, such as baseball, badminton, basketball, softball, golf and many more.

Wilson Golf is the golfing division of Wilson Sporting Goods which designs and manufactures a wide range of golfing accessories and equipment, including golfing bags. One of the best golfing bags that Wilson has released in the market is the Wilson Staff Nexus Carry. The model comes with great features, such as a hip padding with air mesh nylon that keeps it cool even during warm conditions. Aside from this, the Staff Nexus is also loaded with storage pockets so you will not have a hard time in carrying all of your golfing essentials to the course.

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Lightweight but with Ample Storage Spaces

If you search for information about the Nexus Carry Golf Bag from Wilson, you will find quite a lot of positive reviews from customers who have tried using it. They love how light this model is, yet it comes with spacious storage spaces that keep all your valuables safe. Being a carry bag, this model is the type that you would need to carry around on the course so it is important that it is lightweight.

Aside from being light, the Wilson Staff Nexus comes with a high tech hip padding so carrying it on your back is so comforting.  It has several storage pockets as well which includes a large garment pocket, two external pockets, valuables pocket, accessory pockets and a specially made pocket for GPS or range finder devices. It also comes with an insulated pocket for storing water bottles.

Durable Construction

The Wilson Staff Nexus features Wilson’s newly designed 360-degree integrated mechanism, which consists of a sturdy aluminum frame that connects to the top, spine, stand and the base of the golf bag, allowing it to work interdependently. If the curved base will be in contact with the ground, the smooth and quick stand will be activated allowing the legs to kick out immediately while the base remains flat.

Furthermore, the bag has a unique external structure which Wilson calls the exo-frame technology and provides a firm support to the bag. With this golf bag, all of your golf essentials will stay safe and secure and you will surely have a great time in the golf course.


Your choice of golfing bag will have a big factor in the way you play on the greens. A model with a frail structure can be a distraction so you cannot expect to perform well in your game. But if you invest on the Nexus Carry Golf Bag from Wilson, you will surely be able to put more focus in your game and you will have an enjoyable time on the links.