The Wilson Staff Feather SL Carry Golf Bag is Lightweight and Comfortable

When searching for the best golfing bag to buy, one of the brands that you will most likely encounter is Wilson. The Wilson Sporting Goods company manufactures a wide variety of golf equipment and accessories under their Wilson Staff Golf division. They design and manufacture several different models of golfing bags, such as the golf cart bags, stand bags, carry golf bags and many more.

The great thing about the golfing bags from Wilson is that they are equipped with great features that can help you to focus well on your game and allow you to enjoy your game even more. Whether you are a professional or an amateur athlete, the golfing bags from Wilson are certainly a great investment.

One of these bags is the Wilson Staff Feather SL Carry. This model is ideal for players who prefer one that they can carry around while they navigate their way on the course.

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Lightweight with Plenty of Storage

The Feather SL Carry from Wilson Staff is lightweight. Yet, it has plenty of storage pockets that allow you to carry all of your golfing essentials with ease. Being a carry bag, this model is designed to be carried on the greens. Aside from being lightweight, it comes with a unique slide two in one strap so you can conveniently carry it on your back.

The Staff Feather SL has slim features, but you’ll be amazed at the number of storage pockets that it comes with. These include five closed pockets for storing garments, a zippered valuable pocket, an accessory pocket, ball pockets, beverage holders, range finder pockets, and many more.

The model also comes with a stand so you can choose to leave it on one side while you play your game. The rocker stand system is also well praised due to its innovative design. It has a flushed spring mechanism with activated base and a very durable stand lock so your bag stays stable.

Great Functionality and Comfort

The Staff Feather SL is known for its great functionality. As stated, this model is equipped with several storage pockets and although it is a carry golf bag type, it can work as a stand as well. This model is also among the most comfortable bags to carry around on the links. It is lightweight and comes with a unique two in one strap system so you can simply snap it on your back while you walk your way to the golfing course.


If you are in need of a comfortable and highly functional model to use for your game, then look no further. The Feather SL from Wilson Staff is just the perfect model to carry around. It comes with several storage pockets so you can bring everything that you will need for your game. It is lightweight as well so you won’t feel uncomfortable in carrying this bag. The rocker stand mechanism is also another reason why this model is a great deal.