Wilson ProStaff Carry Golf Bag is the Perfect Bag to Carry in the Golf Course

Wilson is one of the best brands of sportswear and accessories. A lot of athletes, sports enthusiasts and health buffs are very much familiar with the name. This American company has been in the business since 1913 and has produced some of the best products in the sports industry.

Wilson ProStaff is the golfing division of Wilson Sporting Goods. This division is responsible for designing and creating golfing related products catering to the unique needs of professional and amateur golfers. Their golfing bags have in fact earned a reputation for being the best in the industry and are highly recommended by experts.

One of the best golfing bags from Wilson that is worth checking out is the Wilson ProStaff Carry. Being a carry bag, the model is intended to be carried on the course and comes with features and accessories to help you concentrate more on your game.

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Great Features

Like most of the golfing bags from Wilson, the Carry Golfing Bag from Wilson ProStaff comes with several great features. Here are the features that you can expect from this highly functional model:

  • There are seven pockets that include a large pocket for apparel, three pockets for accessories, an external pocket, waterproof pocket for storing gadgets and electronics, and a pouch for keeping beverages.
  • It features a 10-inch top and 7-way dividers with three full length dividers that provide easy access to golf clubs.
  • It has a flush mounted stand that features a strong spring as well as durable legs that are made of fiber reinforced polymer material.
  • It comes with an umbrella holder and a towel ring that can also work as a glove holder.
  • It’s equipped with a padded hip pad for comfortable carrying as well as a double strap that features a four point attachment.
  • It’s lightweight, weighing only 2 kilograms.

Perfect Product

The Wilson ProStaff Carry is the perfect model to carry around on the greens. It is lightweight so carrying it would not be that uncomfortable. The comfortable padded hip pad as well as the double strap provides more comfort and you will not feel pain on your back even if you carry it for longer periods.

Above all, it is equipped with the necessary storage pockets so you can carry pretty much everything that you will need for your game. The Wilson ProStaff can work as a stand golfing bag for it comes equipped with a flush mounted stand that has a strong spring so it provides stability when you need it.


Wilson is a brand that is known for creating high quality products. So if you want a high quality golfing bag, then this brand should be first on your list. When it comes to carry golfing bags though, the Wilson ProStaff Carry is worth checking out. As stated above, it is the perfect model to carry on the links and it is loaded with features that offer comfort and convenience, allowing you to enjoy your game even more.