The Wilson NFL Green Bay Cart Bag Comes with Great Features

Wilson has established a name in the industry for being a good producer of high quality sportswear and accessories. The company, which is based in Chicago, Illinois, is known for their excellent products and these include golfing related accessories and equipment, such as golf bags.

If you are in need of a high quality golfing bag that you can greatly rely on, you should check out the golf bags from Wilson. Their bags come with great features and are made from excellent quality materials so you can guarantee their durability.

Those who are fans of the Green Bay Packers of the NFL may want to check out the Wilson NFL Green Bay Cart Bag. This model is printed with the team logo of the Green Bay Packers which is a beautiful combination of green and yellow. Aside from being stylish, this golf cart bag comes equipped with great features.

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Great Features

This NFL Green Bay Cart Bag from Wilson is equipped with great features, allowing you to concentrate on your game without having to worry about looking after your things. Here are the features that this model comes with:

  • There’s a front drop pocket which helps in easily loading it onto the cart.
  • It comes equipped with an umbrella holder and rain hood.
  • It has a towel ring and glove holder.
  • It comes with a total of seven pockets. Two are large pockets for garments. One is a side pocket for keeping accessories. There’s another pocket on the front for keeping range finder and a ball pocket right in the middle front.
  • It comes with a boot handle.
  • The Wilson NFL GBP features 14-way full length dividers on the top.
  • It includes a beverage pocket on the bottom front.

Durable Construction

As Wilson is known for, this model is of excellent quality and features a durable construction. It is made of a polyester nylon fabric material and comes with a tube construction which adds up to its durability. It also features a premium diamond rip stop fabric that makes it even more durable so even if you stock the bag in full and carry it with you every day on the golf course, it won’t show any wear and tear. The divider top is 10 inches with 14-way full length dividers to keep your golf clubs fully organized. It comes with a one year warranty.


The Wilson NFL Green Bay is highly recommended for those who are in need of a stylish model that they can use on the greens. This is the perfect bag for NFL Green Bay Packers fanatics and for anyone who simply wants a cool looking bag to carry on the course. As stated above, this model has all of the features that you would expect from a golf cart bag. What’s even great is that it features a durable construction so investing on this golf cart bag from Wilson is definitely worth it. The one year warranty is also another reason why this model is such a great buy.