Wilson Lite Carry Golf Bag is the Perfect Bag to Bring in the Golf Course

Wilson is known worldwide for creating some of the best sportswear and accessories. Among their creations are golf bags, which are created under their golfing division, the Wilson Staff. Wilson Staff designs and creates a whole range of golfing accessories and equipment, including clothing and footwear using the finest quality materials. Their golfing bags are among the most sought after bags in the market and are well recommended by sports enthusiasts including professional golfers.

Among these bags is the Wilson Lite Carry Golf Bag, which is a lightweight bag, perfect for carrying on the course. The Lite Carry comes with several great features and is fully equipped with a total of five storage pockets as well as other accessories that offer convenience and comfort on the links.

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Lightweight and Stable

It is important that a carry golfing bag is lightweight, so the Lite Carry from Wilson would make a perfect choice. As you know, you will need to carry it for long periods on the course so it would be a bit uncomfortable if it is too heavy. What’s even better about this model from Wilson is that it is equipped with a padded double strap so it won’t hurt your shoulders.

The Lite Carry is very stable as well. It is designed with the three-stay construction and is made of diamond polyester material that makes it extremely durable.

This model also doubles as a stand bag. It comes with a sturdy stand so you can set up the bag to settle in one area on the course while you concentrate on your game. Unlike other brands of stand golfing bags, the stand for this model is so easy to use and it is durable and lightweight as well.

Complete with Storage Pockets

As mentioned, the Wilson Lite comes with several pockets and these include two huge side pockets, a velour lined pocket for keeping valuables safe, one huge front pocket and a large pocket on the side. It has six dividers for securing and organizing your golfing clubs and it also includes a water bottle sleeve, boot handle, umbrella holder, glove holder and several other storage spaces which you can use for keeping all of your golf essentials safe and secure.


The Lite Carry from Wilson is what every golfer would dream to have. It is just the perfect bag to carry around on the course. First of all, the Wilson Lite has a durable construction so you can be assured that it stays great even if you use it every single day. Next, it is lightweight so you can carry the bag comfortably and you will be able to enjoy your game even more.

Above all, this carry golf bag is loaded with storage pockets which keep all of your valuables safe. With this golf bag, you can carry with you everything that you will need in the golf course so there won’t be any unnecessary interruptions in your game.