What You Need To Own For An Incredible Golf Game

If you are serious about playing the best game of golf you know you need to have the right type of equipment. Think of jumping out of a plane, you want the best parachute possible, right? While golf may not be as life-threatening as skydiving, you still need some good equipment, and that is where it gets expensive. There are so many products available online and in stores that make grandiose claims of improving your swing and game. The truth of the matter is if you are just playing to enjoy the game, you don’t need anything but the essentials and a sunny day. Don’t give in to the hype you hear and see, buy some good clubs, balls, and a decent bag to carry it in and you are good to go.

After rereading the rules defined by the United States Golf Association your bag should only have fourteen or fewer clubs within it. With that in mind, you want to make sure you have the best of the most important; putter, driver, woods, wedges, and irons. It is fine to mix up your bag with your favorites, just be well aware of that you are only carrying around a maximum of fourteen. If you are just beginning your golfing journey, you can expect to put down around $1,000 on a proper set of golf clubs.

Obviously, you are going to need a bag to carry your supplies. Can you imagine going down to the local club and carrying around your balls and clubs with no bag. I assume they would escort you off the greens rather quickly! The best type of bag to purchase is created from nylon or leather. Think about how you get on the course when you are playing a game before purchasing a bag. Do you prefer to walk it or cart it? If you prefer carting the course, make sure you have a large enough bag to contain towels, tees, and other accessories.

If you prefer the lush green grass under your feet, you will be best to invest in a lighter bag that includes and comfortable shoulder strap. Of course, one of the essential items you need on your journey is a set of golf balls. Golf balls can be purchased in sleeves or boxes of three. Depending on your needs there are also packages that contain 15 to 18 balls. There are two types of golf balls, balata and two-piece. The two-piece ball has a hard, large core with a surlyn cover. These are more popular as the surlyn cover tends to protect the ball from nicks and cuts. Balata balls have a much softer outer layer but contain a similar hardcore.

Accessories are what tend to drain the most money out of the most frugal golfer. There are shoes, gloves, markers, umbrellas, tees, and brushes. It is up to you if you decide to invest in any of these accessories at any time in your game. You have to decide on what is going to suit you best in regards to clubs, balls, bags, and any other accessories you may need or want. Your budget is going to determine most of the equipment your purchase. Decide what you have to have to have the best game possible. As you improve, you can always upgrade your current equipment and explore other options.