The Wellzher T.E. Sunday Carry Golf Bag Has Everything that You Need

Wellzher is known worldwide for producing the best products for golf, such as the golf shoes, golf bags and all kinds of golfing accessories. The company is committed to providing consumers with products that are not only of excellent quality but have great functionality, comfort and style as well.

It is their commitment to develop products that will help golfers to better enjoy their sport and help them to excel at the same time. The company works hard in building a sports brand that will provide products that a golfer would need in order to enhance their skills in golf.

Their golfing bags are definitely worth checking out. If you are looking for a reliable golf bag, the T.E. Sunday Carry Golfing Bag by Wellzher is perhaps what you need.

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Great Construction and Easy to Lift

This carry golfing bag from Wellzher is gaining huge popularity in the market due to its great construction and easy lift features. The first time you see it, you can easily tell that it is very durable and that it will last longer even if you use it every day. It features a non collapsible body construction and it is made from excellent quality materials, such as the Hydro X fabric which is weather and dirt resistant.

The TE Sunday is easy to lift and carry. It has a double padded strap so carrying it is definitely not a pain on your back.  Some of the carry bags in the market come with only one strap, but this model has two so carrying it is definitely very convenient. It is extremely lightweight and the ergonomic handle at the top makes lifting the bag so easy.

Fully Functional 

As mentioned, the T.E. Sunday is lightweight, yet it has everything that you need. The model features a 7-inch 4-way individual full length golf club divider and has an ergonomic handle at the top. It is capable of holding up to 14 golfing clubs and it comes equipped with four pockets where all three are zippered.

Aside from these pockets, it also has a meshed pocket for keeping water bottles, an air flow dry pocket, as well as five tee holders. There is nothing to worry about in case of rain because the TE Sunday has a rain hood and has a holder for your umbrella as well. Just like with most of the golfing bags from Wellzher, this bag also comes with a personalized name tag.


It is not enough that your golfing bag is stylish. It should be fully functional and must be equipped with all the best features that you need. The Wellzher T.E. Sunday Carry Golf Bag is the most functional golfing bag to carry with you on the greens. And because it is made from high quality materials, you will feel at ease knowing that the bag will last for a very long time even if you use it on all Sundays of the year!