Tour Edge Women’s Max-D Stand Bag – The Perfect Bag for Female Golfers

Tour Edge is known for offering the best quality golfing equipment and accessories at such an affordable price. These products are even backed by a lifetime warranty so investing on them is definitely worth it. The company has been producing golfing related products for 20 years now so they know exactly what the needs of each and every golfer are and they are committed to addressing these needs.

They have products catered for the professional golfers, for the beginners, for men golfers, for the female players and even for the kids. It is for this reason why a lot of experts in golf would highly recommend this brand for all your golfing needs.

One of the products that Tour Edge is known for are the golf bags. Their Max-D Performance golfing bags offer a great combination of innovative features and comfort, helping you to play well on the course. One of these bags is the Tour Edge Women’s Max-D Stand Bag.

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Product Features

The Women’s Max-D stand comes complete with everything allowing you to be able to put your focus on your game instead of minding your stuff. You can simply leave the bag to stand on one side while you go on with your game.

Here are the features that you can expect from this model from Tour Edge:

  • 9-inch 7-way full length divider top
  • molded top handle for easy lifting
  • velour lined pocket for keeping valuables safe
  • fully insulated pocket that serves as beverage holder
  • lightweight stand that is quick release and equipped with a non-slip rubber feet
  • fully integrated umbrella holder
  • four way double strap that is fully padded
  • matching rain hood

Backpack Style Straps

One of the reasons why the Max-D Stand is popular among female golfers is because it comes with features that provide convenience and comfort for them. The model has backpack style strap so it can be easily strapped in the bag while you walk through the greens.

This style is actually ideal for those who often suffer from frequent back pains, especially those with scoliosis. This is in fact better than golf bags that come with only one strap. Above all, the Max-D Stand is extremely lightweight which adds up to the comfort. Female golfers will certainly not have a hard time in lifting the bag and carrying it on their back, and thus, they will be able to fully enjoy their game.


Whether you are buying a golf bag for yourself or as a gift to your mom, friend or sister, the Tour Edge Women’s Max-D Stand Bag is highly recommended. As stated above, it has all the features that you would expect in a fully functional golf bag. But the great thing about this bag is its ability to offer comfort and convenience to the user. The backpack style straps is something that any female golfer will surely love and the fact that it’s lightweight means that this is the perfect bag for women to carry around in the golf course.