Why Tour Edge Men’s HT Max-D Cart Bag is a Great Choice

Tour Edge is one of the leading brands of golfing accessories and equipment. For 20 years, the company has been producing golfing related products such as irons, putters, drivers, fairway woods, bags, and many more. They know exactly what they do and they are committed to producing only the best quality of products.

What makes Tour Edge to stand out from the rest of their competitors is their ability to offer a lifetime warranty on all their products. But just because their products come with a lifetime warranty does not mean that they are sold at such a high price. The Tour Edge lines of golfing products are priced reasonably so if you are looking for a golf bag that is within your budget, you may want to check out the Tour Edge Men’s HT Max-D Cart Bag.

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Comfort and Style

The Max-D Performance is a collection of golf bags that provides both comfort and style to the user. It comes with features that help the player to be able to carry the bag with ease without having to suffer from any kind of pain in the back or the shoulders.

For one, the Max-D is attached with a handle that’s premium molded for easy lifting. And since this model is a golf cart bag, it has a built-in cart strap clip allowing you to easily secure it on the cart. It is extremely lightweight as well so you won’t have a hard time carrying the model on and off the cart.

What’s more, the Max-D is very stylish and is available in three different color combinations of lime green and white, royal blue and white and a solid navy color.

Equipped with Roomy Storage Pockets

It is important for a golf bag to have several storage pockets. After all, the main purpose of the bag is to carry your golf clubs and the rest of your stuff. Aside from the full length dividers that house the clubs, the Max-D has several roomy storage pockets that you can use for securing some other things. It has two velour lined pockets for keeping valuables, four huge pockets for keeping garments and other stuff, an insulated pocket for water bottle storage and a ball pocket equipped with magnetic closure. As an additional thoughtful feature, this golf cart bag has a matching rain hood that you can use to cover the Max-D in the event of rain.


Just like with women golfers, men are also very much particular with the style and color of their golf bag. Although their main purpose in the golf course is to play, they would also prefer for their golf bags to look appealing.

If you are like these golfers, the Men’s HT Max-D Cart Bag by Tour Edge is therefore recommended. Aside from the style, this model is fully functional and comes equipped with all the features that you can expect from a golfing cart bag. The full lifetime warranty that this model comes with should be enough to convince you that this product is a great choice.