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The Tour Edge Golf Bags: Find One that can Match Your Needs

The Tour Edge Golf Bags: Find One that can Match Your Needs

Tour Edge golf bags are known for their high end style and excellent performance. Given its great qualities, it would be surprising to know that the bags do not cost a lot. They are being sold at very reasonable prices which is one of the reasons why they are gaining so much popularity now.

What’s great is that there is a wide variety of Tour Edge golf bag models available for you to choose from. Each has different features, components and designs, so you can choose whatever you want, depending on your needs.

Tour Edge is known for producing excellent quality products.  Some of their bags are even equipped with state of the art technology that gives comfort and convenience to the user.  Among the features that the Tour Edge golfing bag come with are the built in cart straps, full length dividers for golf clubs, strap bands which secure the bag strap while the bag is attached on the cart, as well as several pockets which accommodate all your  golf essentials and other necessities. Indeed, a golf bag from Tour Edge is what every golfer should have. Here are some of them.

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Tour Edge Max-D Cart Bag

The Tour Edge HT Max-D Performance is one of the most sought after golf cart bags in the market today. The reason is because it is one of those golfing bags that offer comfort and convenience along with several great features that help the golfer to play his very best.

First of all, this model comes equipped with a 10-inch 14 way divider top that has full length dividers attached to it. Second, it has a premium molded handle for easy handling and transporting and third, it is integrated with a cart strap clip, allowing you to easily strap the bag on the golf cart.

Another great thing about this golf bag is that it is made from extremely durable materials so you can be guaranteed that it will last for very long. And just like with all golf cart bags, this bag is equipped with several pockets for keeping your golf essentials secure.

Tour Edge Max-D Stand Bag

For those who prefer the Tour Edge golfing bags that are of the stand bag type, the Tour Edge Max-D will be an ideal choice. This model has a 9-inch 7 way divider top and just like its cart bag counterpart, it has an easy lift top handle for easy handling.

This bag is also equipped with several pockets for storing all your golf essentials. For one, it has a valuables pocket that is velour lined, so you can be guaranteed that your stuff will be kept safe and secure. Not only that, it has an insulated beverage holder, ideal for water bottles and keeps beverages to stay cool longer.

These bags are lightweight and has a quick release stand with rubber feet that has a no-slip feature. It’s integrated with an umbrella sleeve as well and a rain hood for keeping your valuables protected against rain.

Ht Max-J Junior Girls Golf Sets Ages 3-5

What’s great about Tour Edge is that they manufacture bags that are designed for different types of golfers. They have bags that are made exclusively for lady golfers, for men golfers, as well as for kids.

If you are in need of Tour Edge golfing bags for your little ones, then this Ht Max-J Junior Girls Golf Sets would be an ideal choice. They are designed for kids aged three to five years old and come with features that provide comfort and convenience to your kids, allowing them to enjoy and concentrate more on their game.

These bags are lightweight, so you can be assured that your kids can carry it with ease. Furthermore, these bags feature some distinct technologies that can help your kids to be able to improve on their game. This model is stylishly designed, too and your little golfers will surely love its colorful color combinations.

Women’s Tour Edge HT Max-D Performance

Tour Edge also manufactures golfing bags that are exclusive for women and one of these bags is the Women’s Tour Edge HT Max-D Performance cart bag. This model provides comfort and convenience to lady golfers, helping them to focus well on their game and play their very best on the greens.

Like most of the Tour Edge golfing bags, this model is equipped with several features. First of all, it has an easy lift molded handle right on top and the 13 way divider that is velvet lined. Next, it has two huge garment pockets on one side and on the opposite side is a valuables pocket that’s velour lined. Right at the bottom of this model is an insulated cooler pocket so the player will have an easy access to her water bottle. Right at the bottom, there is a nonslip rubber base that keeps it very still.

Tour Edge Exotics Xtreme Stand Bag

The Tour Edge Exotics Xtreme is one of the most popular golfing stand bags in the market today. This model is known for its great styling and exceptional performance. It is lightweight so it will not be a horror to carry it with you on the course.

At the top of the bag is a molded top handle with an easy lift feature. It also comes with an elastic towel band that has the exclusive quick grab feature. This model comes with several storage pockets and on one side is a waterproof pocket that is velour lined. Another pocket works as a dedicated score card holder and right below it is the double strap that is padded. At the bottom of it is a huge garment pocket which you can use in storing your tees and other accessories. What’s great about this Tour Edge golf bags is that its stand is lightweight and has a quick release feature with feet that are made of rubber so it stays still while you play your game.