TaylorMade San Clemente Cart Bag

TaylorMade is one of the most recognizable names in golf. There’s no doubt about that.  TaylorMade is mostly focused on golfing related products, such as clubs, drivers, balls, golf bags, and other golfing essentials. They have already built a good reputation in the industry for producing some of the finest products and if you need proof to this, go online and search for their products. You will find that most of their products have excellent ratings and have great reviews as well. One of these products is the TaylorMade San Clemente, a cart bag that has been proven to be very reliable when it comes to storing your golfing necessities.

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Features and Benefits

The San Clemente Cart Bag from TaylorMade is one of those golf bags that come with all the features that you need to enjoy your game well. First off, the model has a 14-way top that comes with full dividers that organize all your clubs well, giving you easy access to each one of them. It also comes with an integrated putter tube which separates your putter so it will always stay in the same place.

The San Clemente has a total of eight pockets and these include the pocket lined with velour for valuables, large insulated pocket for keeping beverages cool and several other pockets for storing your golfing accessories and other essentials.  Most of the TaylorMade bags actually come with a standardized pocket size with a maximum of 28.5 inches, providing maximum capacity. With this, you can be assured that all your valuables will stay safe and secure while you focus on your game.

Easy Handing and Durability

The TaylorMade San Clemente is also equipped with a soft touch handle on the front as well as an integrated trunk handle that allows the bag to be easily carried in and out of your cart without having to hurt your hand. It is also known for its crush resistant design, a feature that prevents damages or deformations when moving it.

Furthermore, the base of it is well-structured for extreme durability and it also comes with an added grip handle and several non slip features that keep it in place when attached on the cart. The bottom cuff of this cart bag is also equipped with a binding that allows for a clean finish and is made of sturdy materials for extreme durability, which is ideal for those who tend to stay longer on the course.


As more and more brands of golfing bags are coming out in the market today, it is important that you choose your model well. The San Clemente will definitely make a great choice. As stated above, it comes with so many features and benefits and the fact that it can be easily carried in and out of the course, means that you will not have to suffer from any soreness on your shoulders for carrying a packed golf bag.