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TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag

The TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag

A lot of golfing enthusiasts are aware that investing on high quality golf bags is very important. This bag is what keeps your golfing essentials safe and secure allowing you to be able to focus on your game. There are lots of companies now that produce some of the best golf bags in the market although there are only a few them that can be trusted when it comes to producing excellent quality products.

One of the brands that you can trust as shown by its amazing rankings is TaylorMade. If you are not aware, this brand is actually a subsidiary of Adidas, a popular company that has already established a name in the industry for producing the best products. One of the golf cart bags that TaylorMade is known for is the TaylorMade Catalina. This model is ideal for those who are looking for a golf bag that they can easily hook on a golf cart.

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Product Features

The Catalina Cart Bag from TaylorMade comes equipped with everything that you need. It has a dimension of 10” by 8.5”, and features a 14-way top that keeps your clubs fully organized.

The Catalina also comes with an integrated putter tube which keeps your putter separate from the clubs. All in all, this model has nine pockets, capable of accommodating all of your golfing equipment. The pockets include a velour lined pouch for valuables, a huge insulated pocket for beverages and several other pockets to store your golfing accessories in place.

When it comes to easy carrying and handling, the Catalina is a great choice. It has this integrated handle at the trunk so you can easily carry it in and out of your car.

High Tech Features

TaylorMade is also known for creating golfing bags that come with high tech features and the TaylorMade Catalina is of no exception. This model has a crush resistant design and this means that it is not easily prone to damage or other deformities during shipment. The base structure is very durable as well and can be safely attached on your trolley since it has extra grip and non slip features.

The bag’s bottom cuff comes with a binding for a clean finish and is made from durable materials so it stays in excellent condition no matter how much you use it. Above all, the Catalina features an anti slip cart strap so you can easily carry it when needed.


There are lots of golf cart bags that you can find in the market these days but they’re inferior compared to the Catalina Cart Bag from TaylorMade. While some bags are a pain to carry in the back, this bag is the exact opposite. As stated above, it is equipped with features that can make carrying the bag so comforting. It is fully functional too, which is how a golf bag should be like. By investing on this type of bag, you will surely be able to hone your skills in golf and perform better on this sport.