Puma Monoline Stand Bag Review

When it comes to the best sportswear and accessories, Puma is sure to be on the list. The brand has been known worldwide for producing the best products for sports and this includes golf accessories and equipment. So if you are looking for a golf bag to buy, you may want to check out the golf bags from Puma. They have been producing some of the best bags in the market, and these are the types of bags that come complete with pockets to store all your belongings and other accessories.

One of the bags from Puma that is gaining popularity in the market is the Puma Monoline Stand Bag. This bag is loaded with great features, which are more than enough to store all of your golf essentials and other necessities. Here is a review that will tell you more about this product.

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Features of Puma Monoline Stand Bag

  • Eight way full length divider top.
  • Dual padded shoulder strap.
  • Features some nylon accents.
  • Comes with a molded handle on the top.
  • Equipped with an insulated pocket that serves as beverage holder.
  • Includes an easy access pocket that can be used for storing tees and other stuff.
  • Comes with a dual slip pocket.
  • Includes a Velcro attachment strap for carrying an umbrella.
  • Comes with a rain hood made of black nylon material.
  • Includes a pedal actuated stand system.
  • Features an 8.5 inch opening on the top and is 35 inches tall.
  • Weighs six pounds.

What Customers Are Saying about the Golf Bag?

One way to determine if a golf bag is really great is by reading the reviews written about it. As for the Monoline Stand Bag, it received a lot of praises from several customers online. In fact, it is one of those bags that received an excellent rating. Most of the reviews talk about the bag as being very reliable. It comes with several pockets that could accommodate all of your things. Another reason why customers love the bag is because of its stand which is very durable. One of the most common issues that you will be faced with when using stand bags is that the stand would easily give up, especially if the bag is full. But for this golf bag from Puma, the stand is very durable, so even if you fill it up with all of your golf equipment, it will remain stable.


The positive reviews written by customers about the Puma Monoline Stand Bag should be enough to convince you to invest on this golf bag. These customers are golfers like you who know the best golf bag that can help them to focus on their game. With this stand bag from Puma, you will feel at ease at the thought that all of your things will be kept protected and will stay secure while you play your game. It is very durable, too and that’s another reason why you should spend your hard earned money for this excellent golf bag.

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