Puma Formstripe Stand Golf Bag Review

As a golfer, it is important that you own a reliable golf bag that you can carry with you in the golf course. This bag will carry all of your golf essentials and other necessities so you will be able to focus more in your game.

As you know, golf is the kind of game that requires the use of so many accessories, such as golf clubs, golf balls, and many more. If you are one of those golfers who prefer a golf bag that you can leave to stand on one side while you focus on your game, then the Puma Formstripe Stand Golf Bag is highly recommended. There is a molded 8 way full length divider top that comes with an integrated putter compartment and equipped with seven pockets which you can use to store all of your stuff.

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Golf Bag Features

The Form Stripe Golf Stand Bag from Puma is a great bag for walking in the golf course or riding in the golf cart. Here are the features that you can find on this golf bag:

  • Custom 8 way full length divider that’s equipped with a driver well and lined putter.
  • Has an integrated handle that features a soft touch grab.
  • Features a six pocket configuration which includes two pockets for apparel, two pockets for gloves and small items, one personal pocket and one pocket for balls and tees.
  • Also includes a spill proof pocket for beverage,
  • Comes with a slot for holding pen and score card.
  • Features an automatic and articulated stand system that have oversized and padded stabilizers.
  • Shoulder strap system comes with a fully padded and easy adjustable harness.
  • Comes with an adjustable attachment strap for umbrella and a custom towel clip.
  • Has a stylish embroidered cat logo of Puma.
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds.

What Customers Are Saying

To know more about the product, it is best to read the reviews written for this golf bag. One of the reviews talk about the bag as being the perfect stand golf bag to bring in the golf course since it has plenty of pockets for holding all of your golf essentials. Furthermore, customers love the fact that the bag includes an insulated zipper pocket on one side which can be used for storing water, sports drinks and other beverages to keep you hydrated while enjoying your game. A lot of customers are happy with the golf bag and they would agree that this bag is definitely worth investing for.


Whether you are a beginner in golf or a professional, it is important that you invest on a reliable golf bag such as this Puma Formstripe Stand Golf Bag. Aside from the great things written about the golf bag, you will find that the bag is really stylish, especially if you choose the vibrant orange color. The bag looks really attractive and will sure to make heads turn on you when you carry this bag with you in the golf course.

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