Playing Golf Left Handed

Just like any other sport, there are plenty of people who play golf left-handed. Traditionally, however, golfers have been predominantly right-handed. Because of this, it can often be difficult to find gear that is specifically designed for left-handed players. Fortunately, however, that trend is changing, with more and more left-hand-specific items being introduced into the market.

While there are a lot of people who play golf left handed, their numbers tend to be far lower than those who play golf right handed. Not only that but many left-handed individuals have trained themselves to play right handed. Often players who choose to play right handed despite the fact that they are left handed do so because they feel that their eyes are the most important tool they have in the game. They may feel more comfortable looking over their left shoulder than their right, and thus choose to play right handed.

The lack of availability of left-handed golf equipment no doubt also factors into the decision to play right handed. Sometimes left handed golfers simply don’t have access to equipment that is designed for left handed play. Often golf instructors may also direct their students to play right handed.

They may feel that doing so will make their students better players. Typically, however, the decision to play right handed almost always comes down to the availability of equipment. Not all players have enough money to purchase equipment that is specifically designed for left-handers. Even today, with more left-handed options than ever available on the market, people still tend to gravitate toward playing right handed.

Sadly, most people who are left-handed would do far better at golf if they went with their natural inclination and learned to play left-handed rather than forcing themselves to learn to play right handed. Most professional trainers advise left-handed players to wait until they have the proper clubs before learning to play. This typically means shopping online since left handed golf equipment can be hard to find in person.

Players may also benefit from working with an instructor who is also left handed. This can make it easier for them to learn the proper techniques. However, if someone has already been playing right handed for some years, they may have trouble transitioning over to playing left handed instead.

It can feel like having to start over completely from scratch learning the game again. Because of this, if someone is already comfortable playing right handed, there is no need for them to try to unlearn everything they have learned and begin playing left handed instead.

In the end, it is a matter of whatever is the most comfortable for the player. Whether they are more comfortable playing left or right handed, the most important thing is that they continually work to improve their skills and that they enjoy the game. It doesn’t matter if they do that with left or right handed equipment, as long as they are comfortable with their choice.