Orlimar SRX+ Golf Stand Bag is the Best in the Market

You may not realize it, but the golfing accessories that you use can actually have a factor on the way you play on the course. Even your choice of golf bags will greatly matter. If you are not confident about the bag you are using, you may not be able to focus well on your sport.

It is for this reason why you should invest on the best brand of golf bags, such as those from Orlimar. The Orlimar brand might be something new to you but if you check their products online, you will find that most of them have high ratings. This means that a lot of customers are pleased with the way their golf bags work – their functionality, quality, design and price.

One of the products from Orlimar that stand out is the Orlimar SRX+ Golf Stand Bag. From the name itself, this is a stand bag which means that it comes with a stand so the bag stays firm if you leave it on one side, helping you to focus on your game.

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Product Details

The Orlimar SRX Plus comes with a six way top that is made of graphite, keeping your clubs well organized. It has a lot of pockets and it can hold pretty much everything you need on the course.

Among the pockets that the SRX+ comes with are the garment pockets, spacious accessory pockets, fleece-lined pocket, as well as an insulated pocket for keeping beverages. The Orlimar SRX+ also comes with various other accessories, such as the towel hook, umbrella holder, pen holder, glove holder, as well as tee holders. And of course, it comes with a rain hood, too, a feature that helps to keep your valuables protected in case of rain.

Ease of Handling

It is important that your golf stand bag is something that you can easily carry 0n the course. The Orlimar SRX will not fail you when it comes to this. Because aside from the features already stated, the SRX also includes a dual padded strap as well as integrated carry on handles on the top and down at the bottom, making it easier for you to transport it from one place to another.

The SRX also belongs to the lightweight category so you definitely would not have a hard time in transporting it, and therefore, you will be able to focus more on your game. What’s even great is that this model comes in stylish colors and designs so you will certainly stand out on the course.


There is definitely no reason why you should not choose the SRX plus golf stand bag from Orlimar out of all the various models in the market today. But given the various features, you might think that this model from Orlimar will cost you a lot of money. Surprisingly, the SRX costs less than one hundred dollars only so it is easy on the pocket. Sure, there are better options out there, but they’re way more expensive. If you are looking for an affordable but highly functional golf bag, this would be a perfect choice.