Orlimar Flair Series 14.9 Cart Bag – Affordable, Stylish and Easy to Carry

Your golf bags need not be expensive. What is important is that it is highly functional, keeps your golfing essentials safe and secure and that it should be of excellent durability. But you might wonder if there exists a golf bag that has all these great features but will not cost you a lot of money. Yes, there is, and that is the Orlimar brand of golf bags.

The Orlimar brand might not be that familiar to you, but if you search for these products online, you will find out that most of the customers who have tried using the bags are quite pleased with how they perform. In fact, most customers have given Orlimar a high rating for their reviews.

One of the bags from Orlimar that you may want to check out is the Flair Series 14.9. The Flair 14.9 comes with all of the features and accessories that you would expect from an expensive golf cart bag, yet you will be surprised to know that it costs less than a hundred dollars.

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Product Description

The Orlimar Flair Series 14.9 Cart Bag is one of the easiest golf cart bags to carry around the course. The reason for this is because the shoulder strap is single padded, thus, you will not feel sore on your shoulders when you carry it.

Like most of the models, the Orlimar Flair 14.9 is also equipped with spacious storage pockets that keep your golfing essentials and other accessories safe. One of these pockets is a fleece-lined valuables pocket that keeps your gadgets and other valuables safe and secure. It also comes with an insulated cooler pocket for storing water bottles and since it’s insulated, your beverages will stay cool longer.

The Flair Series is also equipped with two huge garment pockets. Aside from the storage pockets, it comes with a rain hood, so your things will not get wet in the event of rain. It has a towel hook as well as an umbrella holder.

Stylish Design and Easy Lifting

What made the Flair Series 14.9 from Orlimar really popular are its stylish design and its easy lifting features. The model is available in three stylish designs and colors. First is the combination of silver, black and white. Another is the pink Aztec color, ideal for women golfers who want a chic bag to carry around the course. Third is the sky blue and checkered color, which looks great for both men and women. The Orlimar Flair 14.9 also comes with a handle on the trunk for easy lifting so even women golfers will not have a hard time with this model.


The Flair Series 14.9 cart bag by Orlimar is definitely a must buy. It has everything that you need, whether you are a professional or an amateur player. These golf bags are ideal for both men and women too who love a stylish cart bag that they can easily transport on the course. It is also very affordable so there is definitely no reason why you should not choose this brand of golf bag.