Ogio Wisp Stand Bag 2014

Not all golf bags are made equal. There are different kinds of golf bags that cater to different needs. Therefore, you should choose the kind of golf bag that would cater to your needs. This will enable you to choose the best kind of golfing bags that you can depend on any gameplay, in any kind of weather.

The Wisp Stand Bag 2014 by Ogio is one of the best golf bags that you can choose when looking for golfing equipment bags for any kind of weather and gameplay.

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Why Choose a Weather Proof Golf Bag like Ogio Wisp

Choosing a weather-proof golfing bag will enable you to play even on rainy days or cold ones. And if you are fond of playing in these kinds of weather, you might want to take a look at Ogio Wisp since it is weather-resistant.

  • Weather Resistant Valuables Pouch

Playing in cold conditions is good but it can do damage to your valuables. That is why Ogio made a weather resistant pocket where you can keep your valuables while playing.

This makes the Ogio Wisp a good choice for people who are fond of playing during rainy seasons. Since the heat won’t be an inconvenience during these days, it is an ideal weather for many people. Thus, weather resistant fleece bags are ideal.

  • Walking Accessible Water Bottle Holster

If you are playing on a hot day, stand bags like the Wisp are a good option since it has an accessible water bottle holster that you can access even while walking. You can have a water break while getting to the next hole, which saves you time and effort in rehydrating.

The water bottle holster is also insulated, which enables it to keep cool beverages cool for quite a while. And it can keep warm beverages warm during rainy or cold days.

  • Detachable Pocket Panel

Though this is not a main selling point of Ogio, it is still a nice element since it will enable you to have the pocket panel of your golfing bag embroidered with your initials or with your favorite logo. This is designed for customization of your bag, which will come in handy especially if you are playing alongside golfers that have the same kind and color.

  • Price

The Wisp is not one of the cheapest golf bags out there, but it is not too pricey, either. Thus, you are not shelling out a lot of money to try this one. If it fits you well, it would be quite advantageous for you since it is priced just right.

Ogio is not the most popular golfing bag maker but it makes nice models that are worth trying. Ogio’s bags are not pricey, which is one of the main selling points that you would surely appreciate. Their products are also light and won’t be an additional burden to your back when you carry them around your favorite course when playing on foot.