Ogio Pisa Cart Bag 2014

Golf bags ought to be stylish and practical at the same time. Because golf bags are golfers’ best buddy during gameplay, they need to make sure that they have the best one that they can find. But finding a good one that is suited for a golfer’s certain needs is not easy since there are a lot of options and most are very nice. This is a positive problem, which is easy to solve by looking for the cheapest first before going for the branded or more expensive ones. Of course, this is provided that you have a short list of the best ones for you.

When looking for an inexpensive yet good models, the Ogio Pisa Cart Bag 2014 should be on your list. It is a high quality model that has a lot of features that you would probably like. There are some flaws, like any other golf bags, of course; but the benefits are plentiful and would make this cart a good purchase.

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Why Choose the New Pisa Bag by Ogio

Golfing bags need a lot of storage pockets and a good sturdy body to be considered good. And this model has all of that, and a bit more. Though this may not be the perfect cart model, it definitely is worth considering when buying a new one.

  • Pockets

Eight of the nine storage pockets of Ogio Pisa have zippers. This is a simple yet important feature that ensures that all of your belongings and equipment are safe, especially the small ones like the tees.

The only pocket that has no zipper is the ball pocket, which enables you to get balls without having the need to open and close the zipper each time.

  • Oversized Side Putter Pit

Most golfing bags do not have putter pits at the side but this one sports a putter pit that can accommodate even oversized ones, which makes this model a bit unique.  Since oversized putter grips are popular among golfers, many consumers want to have a bag that has a spot for storing oversized putters. That is why Ogio decided to add this feature.

The Pisa provides storage for oversized putters, which is quite convenient for many golfers.

  • Weather-Resistant Valuables Pouch

You will likely bring your phone and other gadgets and valuables while playing even on rainy days. But without a pocket that is weather-resistant, you won’t be able to do this. So if you are fond of bringing valuables while playing, you might want to check the Ogio Pisa. It has a weather-resistant fleece valuables pouch that enables you to keep your stuff neatly organized and dry even on rainy days.

Choosing a good model is essential since it will provide you with the convenience that you need while playing. So it is best to check for the best golf bag out there. Ogio’s Pisa bag may not be the finest one but it is something that you should take note of when buying golfing bags. Its price and its features might help you realize the things that you should look for in a good quality golf bag.

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