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OGIO Ozone XX Golf Stand Bag

OGIO Ozone XX Golf Stand Bag

If you are a walking golfer and want to have a nice golf bag that you can easily carry, OGIO Ozone XX is a good choice. This stand bag is also good for golfers who want to keep their golfing equipment close to them while playing. Since the Ozone XX can stand on its own, you do not have to place it on a nearby tree or leave it leaning beside a chair or cart.

Is The Ozone XX Right For You?

When buying a good golf bag, you would take a good look at the price tag, the design and the durability of the model that you are interested in. These will help you determine whether the model that you want to buy is really worth its price.

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And with OGIO Ozone, these are also the characteristics that you want to examine. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this stand bag and why it is a good buy:

  • Price Tag

The price tag of OGIO is not too small but it is not huge either. Since it is durable and it has a great design, you can say that it is priced fairly, if not cheaply. At almost two hundred bucks, you can get a brand new OGIO golf bag. This seems cheap, considering it is a nice model that enables you to organize all of your golfing equipment in one container.

  • Golf Ball Silo

The Ozone XX has a ball silo that lets you easily grab three golf balls. This is quite convenient for golfers who do not like fumbling inside their bags to get a new ball. There are also tee slots at the side, near the ball silo, which also makes getting tees a lot easier.

  • Golf Club Organizer

One of the things that users like about this model is that it organizes clubs nicely. This makes it easier for golfers to grab the club that they need without shuffling all the contents while others wait for them to play.

There are also some pockets where you can keep some golfing equipment that you might need while playing. You even get to have a water bottle pouch that can keep your drink cool for long periods of time.

  • Cellphone Pouch

If you have a big smartphone that is at least five inches, you might find the pouch a bit too small. But if you are using a smartphone or a regular phone that is not too big, this won’t be a problem.

Since most phones are quite large these days, this is a bit of an issue for golfers but if you are willing to keep your valuable to your own pouch or a separate one, this won’t be a problem to you.

OGIO Ozone is a nice stand bag that you can leave anywhere you need to. Since it has sturdy support legs, you can be sure that it can carry the weight of your clubs and equipment while you are playing or walking down the vast turf of your favorite course.