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Ogio Nebula Stand Bag 2014

Ogio Nebula Stand Bag 2014

One of the most popular golf bags today is Ogio Nebula Stand Bag 2014. It is not expensive, which make other golfers think if it really is a good one. But not all things that are good are quite expensive so it is best to take a peek at its features before you go for more expensive ones.

Ogio 2014 Nebula Bag

Here are some of the features of the new Nebula bag of Ogio. Make sure to consider them before looking for other brands or models since it is one of the cheapest yet most convenient golf bags in the market today.

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Overall Design

The new Ogio Nebula looks quite expensive because of its color and design. This is advantageous since you do not need to purchase a pricey one to sport an expensive-looking model. The only drawback is it color, though, as it is light and can easily get dirty when you play during rainy days, especially the blue one. There are other color schemes, though, that you can choose, which are darker.

  • Weight

If you love walking around your favorite golf course, this is the right bag for you. It is lightweight, which makes it easier for you to bring it along. It features a four-point strap harness that makes it easier for you to take the Nebula on and off your shoulders.

Some people might think that the materials used in making the Ogio Nebula is not of high quality since the materials are lightweight. But although the materials are light, they are durable, making this model durable as well.

  • Detachable Ball Pocket and Several Pouches

The pouches in the Nebula Stand are also plentiful, giving you enough space for your stuff. The ball pocket is also detachable, making it possible for you to remove it and have your initials or your logo embroidered to your bag.

  • Support Legs

The legs that hold the Nebula 2014 in an upward position are study. This makes the bag hard to knock off even when you are pulling out or pushing in golf clubs with the bag placed in an uneven surface. The only drawback about the legs is that they are not dark colored, making them look dirty when mud sticks to the legs during the rainy season.

For just a little less than two hundred dollars, you can own the new Nebula golf bag. It is not that expensive, making it possible for you to try it out even without spending a lot of cash. Thus, it would make it easier for you to see if it really works as advertised, without wasting a lot of money if ever it is not that good.