Ogio Men’s Taj Cart Bag

If you are looking for a stylish golf cart bag, you might want to take a look at the Ogio Mens Taj Cart Bag. This model sports very nice color schemes. It also features compartments and pockets that you can put your golfing stuff and personal things in.

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Ogio’s Stylish Taj Cart Bag

If you are in for stylish golf bags, the Ogio Taj is a good choice since the overall design and look are great. It is also sturdy and sports various pockets where you can easily store your balls, tees and other stuff. The price tag is also one of its features that make it ideal for any kind of golfer.

  • Great Quality

The quality of the Taj is great. The way it was manufactured is detailed and the stitches are noticeably fine. Thus, it is obvious that the Taj is sturdy and can withstand heavy usage. Though, it is still advisable that you take care when handling any kind of golfing equipment since it will make them last longer.

  • Pockets

There are various pockets and small pouches all over the Ogio Taj. There is a small drawback, though. The smaller pockets are not easily accessible when the cart is attached to the bag because the straps are blocking the user’s access.

This can be a bit frustrating for golfers who are fond of keeping their valuable items or golfing stuff inside these small pockets.

  • Weight

Despite being sturdy and having lots of compartments, this model is still light in weight. Because of the materials that were used in manufacturing this product, Ogio was able to create a lightweight product that can withstand use and abuse.

Golfers find this feature beneficial since they do not have to exert extra effort in carrying. because it is lightweight and do not add extra burden to a golfer’s shoulders, back or arms.

  • Integrated Putter Well

One of the features of the Taj that most golfers love is the integrated putter well. It can fit even large or oversized grips, which are often owned by golfers. Oversized grips are often a problem to most golfers since most golf bags cannot fit these without making bulges. But with Ogio’s Taj, oversized grips are stored properly without bulges and difficulty in getting or replacing the putters.

  • Zipperless Ball Pocket

The zipperless ball pocket is another feature that makes golfing convenient for golfers since the pouch for the balls is zipperless. You do not have to zip the pocket to secure the balls, which saves a lot of time during gameplay.

Stylish golfing bags should not just be fashionable but practical as well. And with the Taj, stylishness and practicality are achieved. Ogio’s Taj is also priced fairly well, making it an ideal purchase for golfers who want to try a new golf bag or a new brand that manufactures quality golf bags without the hefty price.