OGIO Men’s Shredder Stand Bag

One of the cheapest golf bags that you can find online is the OGIO Men’s Shredder Stand Bag. This model is just a little more than a hundred bucks in price but its features are what you are going to find in pricey ones. Thus, it would be worth your while to take a look at this golf club bag from Ogio.

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Features and Benefits

  • Durability

One of the most common features that buyers look for in any purchase is durability. Since durable bags will last longer, consumers are looking for golf bags that are durable yet are not very expensive. Ogio’s Shredder Stand is one of those bags that are quite durable but are not very pricey.

With a price tag of just a little over a hundred dollars, the Shredder is already a must-have for golfers who like to play often.

  • Size

This stand bag is a bit small compared to some heavy duty golfing bags. This is a feature that some golfers do not like but for those who prefer carrying a smaller bag and a little less clubs, this is a good choice.

  • Pocket Placement

Another thing that makes the Shredder Stand ideal is the placement of the pockets. Each pocket is placed strategically around the bag to make access to the golfing equipment easier. Because of this, playing will be a bit easier for golfers.

The only drawback about the pockets is the ball pouch. Some golfers think that the pouch is a bit too small, which prevents it from holding several balls.

  • Design and Weight

This compact model is quite stylish and smart, making it ideal for golfers of all ages. The weight of the Shredder from Ogio is also quite light, making it ideal for older people who would prefer lighter bags. This is also good for golfers who like to walk around the course since it will not be too heavy to carry.

  • Insulated Drink Sleeve

The beverage bottle sleeve is insulated, which is quite beneficial for golfers who like keeping their cold drinks cold during summer. The sleeve is accessible even while the Shredder is mounted on the user’s back, which is quite convenient. You do not have to stop walking and take off your bag just to get a gulp of water.

  • Legs

The legs that support the Shredder is already sturdy but some users think that it could be made sturdier. Nonetheless, it is a good bag that can stand alone using its support legs.

The legs are not getting in the way when the bag is being carried at the back of a golfer, which makes it comfortable for the user during long walks around a golf course.

Ogio’s bags are not that expensive yet they are quite useful and are made from good quality materials. So if you are looking for good bags that are not that expensive, this model is worth noting. Just keep in mind to consider your needs to know if this product is suited for you or not.