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OGIO Men's Shredder Cart Bag

OGIO Men’s Shredder Cart Bag

If you are looking for a cheap yet durable cart bag, you ought to check out OGIO Men’s Shredder. This model holds golf clubs in individual slots, which makes storage easier and more organized. There are also a lot of storage options for other accessories, which is beneficial for golfers who are fond of bringing plentiful amounts of accessories and personal items.

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Pros and Cons

Ogio’s Shredder is a nice buy. But just like any other golf bags, it also has some cons that you should be aware of so that you will be able to make an informed decision if you decide to purchase this model.

  • Size

One of the Ogio Shredder’s positive features is its size. It is not too big but it can fit a lot of golfing gear and equipment, thanks to its organized pockets and storage. The small size of the cart, though, does not affect its efficacy in accommodating a lot of stuff. Some golfers are even able to carry rain gear during the rainy season, which is advantageous for people who love playing in the rain without getting too wet or too cold.

  • Storage

Another feature that is commendable about the Ogio Shredder is its storage. It has a lot of pockets that are zippered, which enable golfers to store important gadgets and other valuables while playing.

The pockets are a bit smaller, though, than what most players expect. Because of this, many golfers have to store their stuff in more than just one of the pockets, which they would have preferred to store in a single one. Nonetheless, the storage feature is good and is commended by golfers.

  • Weight

Golf players often consider the weight of the cart bag that they are going to buy. Because heavy cart bags will be a burden to those carrying them, particularly to those who prefer walking while playing, many are particular about the weight. That is one of the reasons why the Shredder Cart is preferred by most players; it is lightweight yet sturdy.

  • Straps

The shoulder straps are comfortable but it is not that comfy for people who are a bit tall. For golfers who are more than six feet tall, the straps can be a bit snug. This makes the Shredder fit higher at the back, which is a bit uncomfortable for the golfer. Nonetheless, the straps are a nice feature. It is sturdy and could support the weight of the whole bag, including the golf equipment that are being put in it.

High quality golf bags are quite beneficial because they offer comfort and savings to golfers. Since high quality models would last longer than average ones, they are more practical and economical. High quality bags are also quite beneficial since they offer convenience, which is what golfers look for in a good product. These characteristics are found in Ogio’s Shredder bag. There are a few cons in using it but the pros definitely outweigh them, which makes them a good buy.

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