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Ogio Men's Chamber Cart Bag - Silencer Technology

Ogio Men’s Chamber Cart Bag With Silencer Technology

Golf bags are supposed to organize clubs and golfing equipment. Thus, proper organization of your equipment should be one of your priorities when looking for good golfing bags. Having one that also prevents your clubs from getting stuck and would not make clanking sounds when put back in is also ideal. These are additional aspects that you should look for in a high quality model. These features are offered in Ogio Mens Chamber Cart, making this model an ideal partner during your golfing days.

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Why Choose Ogio’s Chamber Cart

Ogio Chamber Cart Bags With Silencer Technology are not the cheapest golf bags, but their features surely compensate for the price. At a little less than three hundred bucks, you can get a model that has a silencer technology that prevents your clubs from making noises.

  • Sturdy Body

Aside from the silencer technology, which is one of the main selling points of Ogio Chamber Cart, it also features quite a stable body that enables it to support and contain lots of clubs, including those that have large grips and are heavy.

The bottom, however, is made from plastic, which can be damaged when mishandled. Thus, taking care in handling the Ogio Chamber should be observed. Nonetheless, it is a good model that can be used for long periods of time.

  • Insulated Beverage Bottle Pouch

The insulated beverage bottle pouch, which is also referred to as the cooler compartment, keeps cool beverages cool for extended periods of time, which is advantageous during hot seasons. Keep in mind that the pouch is not too big, so if you are going to bring a water bottle, make sure that it is not too big and it will fit.

  • Ten Pockets

Out of the ten pockets on the Chamber, nine are zippered. This is beneficial especially if you don’t want your stuff to drop on the ground while you are carrying it around the course.

The pockets are of different sizes, which make it easier for you to store various items on specific pouches. Your valuables will not be mixed along with your tees and golf balls.

  • Silencer Technology

The main body of the Chamber has silencer technology which keeps the clubs from hitting one another and making clanking noises. The clubs are also organized nicely inside the bag, preventing them from getting stuck.

Your game will surely be more hassle-free with this kind of golf cart bag since it will enable you to pull clubs without any difficulty.

In terms of storage, design, price and convenience, the Chamber is an ideal buy. The only drawback is that its bottom is made from hard plastic and it is a bit heavy. So if you are going to bring this along while walking, make sure that you either get ready for a semi-heavy bag or mount it on your golf cart for easy transportation within the golf course.