Ogio Grom Stand Bag 2014

Golf bags are essential since they make playing a whole lot easier. But of course, you need a good one so that you can use it to ease up your game play instead of making it even harder for you to get what you need.

There are a lot of high quality golf bags in the market and one of them is the Ogio Grom Stand Bag 2014. This is a model that has lots of pockets and is a great one for people who do not like carrying their golf bags around.

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What Makes Ogio Grom Great?

Here are some of advantages that the Grom offers. Of course, just like any other product, it also has its flaws. But if you are looking for a quality product that can do the job, this might be a good choice.

  • Stand

The Ogio Grom is a stand bag that stands on its own with the use of two legs. It won’t wobble since the legs are spread apart. Thus, you can leave it standing alone without having the need to place it on your cart or a nearby tree for support.

The only downside is that you have to spread the supporting legs before you can leave it on the ground. You can put one end of the Ogio Grom on the ground while spreading the support legs apart, so there is not much work to be done.

  • Practical Pockets

A lot of people who have already used the Grom say that it has a lot of pockets and everything is practical. If you want your tees, gloves and balls on separate pockets, you can achieve that with this model.

If you are not fond of fumbling inside your golf bag, you can simply attach a tee pouch outside the Grom. But if you do not see getting tees and balls as a problem, then you can just use the pockets of the bags to keep your tees and balls.

  • Price

The Grom from Ogio is not too pricey, making it ideal for starters. At just more than a hundred bucks, you can order this. If you are satisfied with it, this would be a great deal. But if you prefer other kinds of more expensive or more popular golf bags, you don’t have to worry since it doesn’t cost that much.

But for its price, the Grom is quite good, and offers real value. It may not be as popular as more expensive ones but for its design and its uses, it is worth purchasing.

Good golfing bags do not need to be too pricey. You just need to choose one that can keep your gear organized and easy to reach. So if you are going to buy one, make sure that you take a good look on how it organizes your stuff. Go for one that is stylish, practical and durable without having a huge price tag.