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OGIO Golf Bags – Excellent Style, Great Features & Extreme Durability

OGIO Golf Bags – Excellent Style, Great Features and Extreme Durability

There are lots of reasons why a lot of golfers would choose to invest on OGIO golf bags. These bags are really stylish and are available in vibrant colors and designs. The company is known for their stylish and cool golf bags that also come with fully functional features.

The OGIO brand might not be popular to a lot of people, but this brand has been in the market for so long now. They manufacture a lot of excellently designed travel luggage and backpacks, as well as the golf bags.

Aside from being stylish, OGIO golfing bags are known for their high tech features that provide comfort and convenience. Aside from their excellent style and great features, the bags are also known for their durability. The company only makes use of the finest materials in manufacturing all of the golf bags, so investing on these bags is definitely worth it.

To find out more information on some of the best OGIO golfing bags that are sold in the market these days, refer to the following list below.

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OGIO Ozone XX Golf Stand Bag

The OGIO Ozone XX Golf Stand Bag features a four point strap system, as well as an airflow hip pad that provides comfort to the user. Not only that, it comes equipped with the exclusive OGIO XX shoulder pads, so carrying this model on your shoulder will not cause any kind of pain.

The 4.0 top of the bag separates and elevates the woods, which makes them easily accessible while protecting them against the irons. Another feature that the model comes with is the Arc Lite stand system that provides more clearance for the legs in the event of deployment, which helps to prevent any entanglement. Furthermore, it is also equipped with several pockets, capable of accommodating all your golfing needs.

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OGIO Men’s Shredder Cart Bag

Next on the list is the OGIO Men’s Shredder Cart Bag. It is one of the best bags that OGIO has ever created. First of all, this model has a 15 way club management system, a feature that keeps your golf clubs fully organized while being kept secure inside it. Furthermore, this model has eight pockets, which is enough to accommodate all your golfing needs, such as your golf tees, golf balls, towels, and other golfing necessities.

For storing your valuables, you can make use of the fleece lined pocket that is integrated on this cart bag. And with all these great features, it’s surprising to know that this model does not cost a lot. So if you are in need of a fully functional and affordable golf bag, then you should invest in the OGIO Men’s Shredder.

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OGIO Wisp Stand Bag 2014

One of the latest OGIO golfing bags released in the market is this OGIO Wisp Stand Bag 2014. It is equipped with a 9.5 inch Woode top that has an oversized putter pit. This model is also integrated with a shoulder strap that has a triple triangle design.

All in all, this golf stand bag has five pockets and all are zippered. One of these pockets is a fleece lined pocket that is weather resistant, ideal for keeping your valuables and other necessities secure. Another pocket is insulated, designed for storing cold beverages to keep you hydrated while you focus on your game. Furthermore, this model has a detachable pocket panel which can be embroidered with a company logo or your name for a personalized touch.

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OGIO Pisa Cart Bag 2014

The OGIO Pisa Cart Bag 2014 is one of those OGIO golfing bags that are fast gaining popularity in the market. Like most of the golf bags made by OGIO, this model is loaded with so many features. For one, it has a 15 way holster that is trolley specific. This model is equipped with an oversized side putter and comes with a front handle for easy handling.

It also has this exclusive ZBPTM feature, or the zipper less ball pocket feature. These golf bags also have a detachable front panel which you can embroider a logo or your name on. Of the nine pockets found on this model, eight are zippered and one is insulated, ideal for storing cold beverages.

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OGIO Men’s Taj Cart Bag

Another one of the stylish golf bags from OGIO is this OGIO Men’s Taj. It is known for its excellent design. This model is also equipped with the latest features in golf bags as well as other technologies that are exclusive to the brand.

This cart bag keeps all your golf gears fully protected while keeping them organized as well. It is very lightweight so carrying and transporting the model will not be much of a challenge. Not only that, it has multiple lift assist handles so you can carry it with ease.

Other features include a 14 way cart top that has a club divider and a zipper less ball pocket. It also has an integrated putter well and has a fleece lined pocket for storing your valuables. Just like with the rest of the OGIO golf bags, the OGIO Men’s Taj also comes with an insulated beverage holder for water bottle storage.

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