Ogio 2014 Ozone Golf Club Stand Bag

If you are looking for a good golf bag but do not want to spend a lot of money on it, you might want to take a look at Ogio 2014 Ozone Golf Club Stand Bag 125032. This model has a lot of features that can be found on more expensive bags, which makes it a great option for people who want to have a practical and beneficial golf bag without the hefty price.

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Why Choose Ozone Club Stand Bag

Here are some of the features of Ogio 2014 Ozone bag to help you decide whether this would be a great model for you or you should look for other brands or models.

  • Price

One of the selling points of the 2014 Ozone is its price. Because it has a lot of features that can also be found on more expensive golf bags, the price of the Ozone has become an aspect that people consider and appreciate.

The Ozone Stand is less than two hundred bucks, which is quite cheap considering it is built quite nicely and has features that are quite advantageous.

  • Pockets and Sleeves

The Ozone Stand features a lot of sleeves and pockets for any kind of golf equipment. This is something that most golfers are looking for, making it a great choice for golfers.

A slight drawback about the pockets is that the rear ones have single zippers instead of two. This makes it a bit hard for golfers to get what they need inside the pockets. Other than that, there are no reported issues regarding the pockets. There is also no cellphone pocket inside the valuables pocket, which most golfers think is necessary. Nonetheless, most think that it is still one of the best golfing bags in the market.

  • Club Organizer

The clubs are organized properly when stored in the Ozone. This makes it easier for golfers to store and get their desired clubs without any hassle. One of the disadvantages of the dividers is that it made the bag a bit heavier than it should.

Since most golfers prefer to carry their own bag while walking around the course, some complain that the Ozone Stand is a bit too heavy for them.

  • Ball Silo

One of the features of the Ogio Ozone that makes it more comfortable and convenient than other bags is its golf ball silo. You can easily get a ball from its silo without opening a single pocket or sleeve, which seems to be a big chore for golfers who are getting excited about their game.

Golfing bags should be a source of convenience to golfers. That is the reason why golfers are a bit picky regarding their bags. And if you are one of those people, you should do your research first before buying, since it will be your main storage when playing. You might want to take a look at the Ozone bag and see if this is a good choice for you.