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Nike Vapor X Carry Golf Bag

Nike Vapor X Carry Golf Bag

Nike is the leader when it comes to high quality sportswear and accessories. Albeit the fact that most of the golfing products from Nike are somewhat expensive, all of these products are of excellent quality so investing on them would mean getting what you really paid for.

Among the best products that Nike has ever produced are golf bags. Aside from being made from excellent quality materials, these golfing bags are equipped with distinct features that you would not normally find on any other brand.

One of these bags is the Nike Vapor X Carry, a carry golf bag that is capable of storing all of your golfing essentials while keeping them safe and secure. Read on to find out why this model gained high ratings from various consumer reviews online.

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One of the reasons why the Nike Vapor Carry is gaining popularity is because of its great style. From the looks alone, this model is on the lead. The Vapor is available in a variety of bright colors that are very appealing. Carrying it on the course will certainly make heads turn to your direction. First of all, there are several color combinations to choose from. This means that you can find one that you’ll really love. Some golfers even buy a couple of these bags in different colors. All colors are gorgeous and will certainly make you stand out.

Excellent Materials

The materials used to manufacture this model are of premium quality. Much of the bag is made of a lightweight nylon fabric and comes with fully functional pockets that are all made from a stretchable spandex material. Because the Vapor X Carry belongs to the lightweight category, you can carry these golfing bags on the course with ease. You will also love the fact that the this model is equipped with Nike’s revolving double strap system called the Nike Max Air and has a mesh back pad that provides more comfort on your back.

Fully Functional

The Nike Vapor X is fully functional and is exactly what any golfer needs in the course. First, it has several storage pockets and one of these is a waterproof pocket for keeping valuables. It also has main side pockets that you can use for keeping other golfing necessities. The fully functional stand mechanism of this carry golfing bag is worth mentioning. It is firm, yet it will not loose up even after several uses. The legs are a bit thin, yet they are sturdy enough and provide stability when standing.


There are no other carry golf bags in the market that can provide you with great features like the Nike Vapor X would. This model is extremely stylish and is made from excellent materials and that alone is proof that the product is sure to last for a lifetime. It is fully functional as well and this means that it is very useful for any golfer, whether a pro or a beginner.