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Nike Golf Xtreme Sport IV Golf Bag

Nike Golf Xtreme Sport IV Golf Bag

Established in 1971 by Bill Bowerman, a track coach for the University of Oregon, Nike is known for producing some of the best sportswear and accessories in the industry. In fact, when people hear the term, “Nike”, they often associate it with high quality products.

Indeed, the brand is known for developing products that come with highly innovative features such as their golf bags and other golfing accessories. They have a wonderful lineup of golfing bags and one of these is the Xtreme Sport IV. This model is lightweight and has a durable construction featuring 8 way dividers as well as nine functional pockets, capable of storing all of your golfing essentials and other valuables. So let’s take a closer look at this model.

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Exclusive Features

The Golf Xtreme is equipped with key features allowing the golfer to fully enjoy his time on the course. For one, this model has a back pad with a ventilated air mesh material as well as the revolving double strap system exclusive from Nike.

With these, you can be assured that it can be carried with ease and comfort and you will not feel any soreness on your back and shoulders. Furthermore, this model also comes with the exclusive Nike Grind Zipper, a zipper that is made from recycled materials of athletic shoes, under the company’s reuse a shoe program. With all these exclusive features from this great company, you can be certain that these Nike golf bags are totally unique from the various brands and models of golfing bags nowadays.

Additional Features

Aside from the attributes stated, the Sport IV comes with several added items such as the custom leg end caps that provide stability, as well as a loop for GPS and rangefinder devices. The Nike Sport IV allows the player to easily organize his belongings on all of its nine fully functional pockets, where six of them are zippered.

Among the pockets are the fleece lined valuable pocket that is fleece lined, the insulated pocket for water bottles, a full length pocket for apparel storage, as well as a drawstring pocket that is easily accessible. Golfers also get to choose from eight different colors, so there is certainly something for every type of golfer.


As you can see, the Nike Xtreme Sport IV is loaded with so many great attributes not to mention the fact that it comes with aspects that are only exclusive to the brand. It has definitely everything that any golfer would want. But aside from all the other reasons listed above, these bags are also known for their extreme durability, which is expected from the Nike brand of products. So if you are in need of a fully functional golfing bag that will last for a very long time, then the Xtreme Sports IV from Nike is what you should invest in.