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NFL Green Bay Packers Stand Golf Bag

NFL Green Bay Packers Stand Golf Bag

If you are a golfer and you are an avid fan of one of the NFL teams, such as the Green Bay Packers, then you better check out the products that Team Golf is offering. Team Golf is a company that specializes in the production of golfing related products and equipment embossed with the logo of your favorite NFL team. Aside from the NFL, they also specialize in products that promote the NHL, MLB and the NCAA teams.

One of the products of Team Golf that has gained high ratings online is a Stand Golf Bag featuring the NFL Green Bay Packers. This model comes with several features, such as the full length dividers, storage pockets, umbrella holder, towel ring, and of course, the stand. The stand will keep the bag still and secure so you can leave it on its own while you concentrate on your game.

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Product Features

As stated, this model from Team Golf is equipped with so many features. Here are some of them:

  • full length dividers, 14 way
  • five zippered pockets
  • fleece lined pocket
  • insulated cooler pocket
  • Integrated top handle
  • rain hood
  • six location for embroidery
  • towel ring
  • two lift assist handles
  • umbrella holder

Aside from the features stated, it is worth knowing that this stand bag from Team Golf belongs to the lightweight category and this means that carrying this model is so easy. In order to make handling and carrying it easier, the NFL GBP is attached with an integrated handle on top as well as two lift assist handles on the side.

Customer Reviews

One way to find out how great a certain product is to read reviews from customers who have already tried using it. As for the NFL GBP’s Stand Golfing Bag, the product has actually gained excellent ratings online and most of the reviews are positive.

One review stated that the model is so light, yet, it comes with plenty of storage pockets that can accommodate all of your stuff. It was also mentioned that the product is very sturdy, especially the handles and the stand.

Some customers, especially those who are avid fans of the Green Bay Packers, are also pleased with the overall design. It is smart looking and the embossed team logo has improved the bag’s overall look. In fact, some customers who are not even a fan of the Packers are attracted to the overall design, which is in green with some dash of yellow.


If you are in need of a golfing bag that can accommodate all of your golfing essentials and other necessities, then this golfing bag by Team Golf would be a great choice. Although it has a lot of pocket for storage, it is very lightweight so you won’t have a hard time in carrying it. As a Packers fan, you’ll appreciate that the bag has a stylish design and attractive color, so you will certainly stand out on the links.