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NFL Chicago Bears Stand Golf Bag 

NFL Chicago Bears Stand Golf Bag

Team Golf is a popular brand of golfing accessories and equipment. They specialize in NHL, MLB and NFL printed golfing products. They have a wide selection of towels, golf balls, cap clips, divot tools, umbrellas as well as golf bags.

One of their most in demand products is their golf bags. You can choose from two varieties, the stand golf bag and the cart bag. Fans of the Chicago Bears will certainly love the NFL Chicago Bears Golf Bag, a model that comes with a stand, capable of keeping all your golfing essentials and other valuables safe. The product features a 14-way full length divider that keeps your clubs fully organized.

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Product Details

The model from Team Golf is a lightweight and it comes with a fully integrated top handle. It has 14-way full length dividers, five pockets that are all zippered, six locations for embroidery, two lift assist handles, a cooler pocket, a fleece lined pouch that’s best used for securing your valuables, a rain hood, towel ring and umbrella holder.

The Chicago Bears bag is easy to carry around. As mentioned, it is very lightweight and it also comes equipped with two lift handles so you won’t encounter any challenges when carrying it on the greens. The durable stand keeps it secure so you will feel at ease when playing on the course.

Above all, it is among the most stylish models that Team Golf has produced. It is in navy blue color with a touch of orange, which is the typical color of the Chicago Bears.

Product Features

So you will know better what comes with this model, here is a detailed list of the features:

  • It comes with integrated top handles and 14-way full length club dividers.
  • There are six locations for embroidery and five pockets are zippered.
  • There are two lift assist handles. This means that handling it is very easy.
  • It has an insulated cooler pocket for storing water bottles.
  • There’s a fleece lined pouch for keeping valuables safe.
  • There’s a removable rain hood.
  • It features an umbrella hook and towel ring.


These days, more and more companies are producing the best golfing bags in the market, ideal for both beginners and seasoned golfers. When looking for the best bags to buy, make sure to choose something that comes equipped with everything, just like the NFL Chicago Bears Stand.

Other than the features, the model should be something that is comfortable to carry around. This stand golfing bag from Team Golf will not disappoint you when it comes to this. As mentioned above, it is lightweight and comes with fully integrated handles allowing you to easily lift and carry it while you stroll through the course.

Another great thing about this model is that it comes attached with a durable stand so you can leave it to stand on its own on the greens allowing you to focus on your game. And in the event of rain, you can simply take the rain hood out.