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New Ogio Golf 2014 Chamber Cart Bag

New Ogio Golf 2014 Chamber Cart Bag

The New Ogio Chamber is a golf bag that is worth taking a look at. It may not be the cheapest model in the market but its features tell consumers why it is worth a try despite not being the cheapest around.

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What Makes the New 2014 Ogio Chamber a Good Choice?

The New Chamber features a lot of elements that can be found on more expensive brands. It is not too cheap either but its advantages compensate for its price. With its good mix of value and price, the New Chamber has the potential to be a favorite of a lot of golf players. This is especially true if you’re one of those golfers looking for value for money.

  • Overall Design

The overall design of the new Ogio golf bags is nice. The pockets are strategically placed to make it much simpler for golfers to reach in and get what they need such as tees, divot tools and balls. The design of the Chamber makes it also easier for golfers to store their clubs.

The color scheme and the overall look are also some of the aspects that make this a good choice for most golfers who want a practical and smart looking model.

  • Silencer Technology

Another thing that makes this a favorite, is it silencer technology and its compartments. Clubs can be stored on their proper places without making any clanking noise, which makes golfers feel more relaxed while playing.

The dividers also make it easier for golfers to put their clubs back without hitting other clubs. The clubs would be locked in securely on the compartments, which makes it even more convenient.

One of the disadvantages of the compartments, however, is that oversized putters that have really big grips do not fit on the putter well.

  • Weight

Some golfing enthusiasts think that the 2014 Ogio Chamber is a bit heavy while others think that it is light. The model might feel heavier or lighter depending on the kind of golfing bag that you had in the past.

  • Price

This is the only negative thing that people have commented on the Ogio Chamber. Its price is a bit high, which makes it a bit hard to purchase especially for beginners who have no budget for such golfing bags yet.

But for people who are willing to put up with the price, this is one of the best golf bags that they have ever had. You just need to take a look at its features to understand that it offers amazing value for money.

This 2014 Ogio golfing bag is not their cheapest but definitely is worth its price.

A good model is a requirement for golfers who love taking care of their clubs. And if you are one of those golfers who would prefer to shell out cash for a good product to be able to preserve the beauty and quality of your clubs, it is best to take a look at this cart bag from Ogio. It is not very cheap but golfers think that it is really worth its price and also the price of your clubs.