Networking As A Golfer

There is no doubt about how important networking is and how it impacts your social, professional and especially business development. It is also common knowledge that good networking can take place with really anyone, anywhere and at any time. Hence, this networking does not limit itself for the knowledgeable networker to meet ups, club meetings or mere mix and mingles. Indeed, networking can take place right on the course. You may now have the view of the greens, but the rules haven’t changed. This change of scenery only requires flexibility and playing with the prevailing wind.

Here are a few tips and tricks for working on your networking while also working on your slice.

Double Game

A change of scenery does not mean a change of protocol — or even etiquette. Be as professional as you would be at any other networking event and brush up on your golf etiquette. That doesn’t limit itself to just speech and your actions. Punctuality as well as adhering to the dress code are just as important. Be considerate and show appreciation to your partner or team. This is an enhancement and definite compliment to your credibility both on the tee as well as in the boardroom because people prefer to do business with those they trust, like and know.

Fair Game

The way you play on the greens reflects the way you play socially and handle business, so play fair and know the rules. By concentrating on playing by the rules, you demonstrate that you are a person of integrity.  To stay connected and generating future networking opportunities you need to show interest in building a relationship because real networking isn’t just about playing a few holes of golf and shaking hands at an event. The fundamental idea of networking is to build a network of quality connections through relationships with individuals.

boy swinging a golf clubGood Game

As with any networking event, develop a good rapport on the greens. Have a few relevant topics prepared to get the conversation going, both career or interest focused. Be prepared to steer the conversation if necessary and think about what the outcome of the dialogue should be. Use this chance to get to know your partner and most importantly be patient.

These tips should hopefully help you to network gracefully while also enjoying a good game of golf. As you would with any networking event, use the same methods and tactics to build successful and quality relationships.