NCAA Medalist Cart Golf Bag

Team Golf is one of the brands that will stand out when you search for golfing accessories and equipment, most especially golf bags. The company is a leading supplier of NHL, NFL, MLB, NCAA and other collegiate golfing accessories in the US market. They offer a wide variety of traditional and highly innovative products for various leagues, colleges and universities.

The company is committed to providing the best quality of products at very reasonable prices. Among the most popular products of Team Golf are the golf bags, such as this NCAA Medalist. The model features the Ohio State NCAA team logo and comes in a matching red color, which is the color of the team. The Medalist is of the cart type and this means that it can be easily hooked or attached to a golfing cart. This makes it ideal for those who prefer to ride a cart while navigating through the course.

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Product Description

This NCAA Medalist comes complete with features that a golfer would need in a cart bag. First of all, it has a fully integrated handle at the top with 14 way dividers that keep your clubs fully secure. It also has a total of eight location embroidery and an external putter well. All in all, the NCAA Medalist has a total of five pockets that are zippered, capable of keeping your belongings secure.

It also has three lift assist handles so you won’t have a hard time in having to carry it on and off the cart. Aside from the features already mentioned, the NCAA Medalist comes with a padded strap, removable rain hood, fleece lined pocket, a towel ring and umbrella holder.

Customer Reviews

If you search for information about the NCAA Medalist online, you will find that this model has gained excellent ratings and received a lot of good feedback from customers who have purchased it. First of all, customers love the fact that the Medalist is very stylish and looks really great on the course. Next, they love that it comes with several pockets to keep their golfing necessities secure.

Above all, a lot of customers agree that this model is just the right size to carry in a golf cart. It is huge enough to carry all your belongings but not heavy enough that you will have a hard time carrying the bag on and off the cart.


As mentioned, the Ohio State NCAA team logo medalist cart golfing bag is gaining a lot of great reviews online. That should be enough reason why you should choose this model of all the various golfing bags available in the market today. And although this model has everything that you need to keep you going in your game on the course, you might be surprised to know that this model is not that expensive. It costs a little over a hundred dollars only, and this is a proof that Team Golf is true to its commitment of offering great products at reasonable cost.

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