Your Kids Can Greatly Benefit From the Tour Edge HT Max J Jr 5×2 Set

Tour Edge is a brand of golf clubs, golf bags and other golfing related products that has been praised for its outstanding quality and for its ability to provide lifetime warranty for all its products. Aside from offering golfing products ideal for men and women golfers, Tour Edge also offers products for kids to use on the course.

Their HT Max Junior golfing club set is popular among parents who are looking for a great quality golf club set to be used by their little ones on the greens. This golf club set comes complete with everything that your kid would need in order to perform well in their game. One of the most popular sets for kids manufactured by Tour Edge is the 5 by 2 set in their HT Max J Jr line. The model is ideal for kids aged 9 to 12 years old and those whose height is 4’4″ to 5’1″.

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Stylish Design

Your kid will surely love the stylish design and attractive color of this golf bag that comes with the HT Max J Jr 5×2.  The golf clubs and everything that come with the set are in matching design and color as well. They are available in two attractive colors, pink and red. While girls mostly prefer the pink one, the boys would often choose their golf club set in red. The overall design of the golfing accessories and even the bag itself is truly stylish and your kid will surely stand out when they carry this golf set on the links.

Outstanding Features

This set is known for its outstanding features that help your kids to be able to perform well in the golf course. Here’s what your kids can expect from this product:

  • 350cc titanium matrix driver that’s high MOI delivers explosive power in every launch allowing your kid to produce a higher launch angle during long and straight tee shots.
  • The hybrid is made of a lenient sole and has a good center of gravity resulting to a maximum accuracy and distance.
  • The stainless steel fairway wood come with a “radiused” sole so your kid will have an easy hit from any lie and they will be able to produce more accurate shots.
  • The irons are oversized stainless steel that offer an amazing sweet spot that leads to straight and longer iron shots.
  • The putter is mallet style and can be easily aligned.


It’s rare to find a company that sells high quality golfing club sets for kids that backs their products with a lifetime warranty. So if you are currently searching for the best model to buy for your kid, this Tour Edge set is highly recommended. As mentioned above, this model comes equipped with everything that your kids will need to be able to play their best on the course.