The Ht Max-J Junior Boys Golf Sets Ages 9-12 3 Is the Perfect Golf Set for your Kid

Tour Edge is a company that is known for their ability to create a wide variety of golfing related products and other golfing accessories. They have produced some of the best golf bags in the market, catering to the unique needs of every golfer, whether you are a professional, an amateur, a male or female golfer, etc.

The great news is that Tour Edge has also produced golf sets ideal for your little one. If you have a kid who is as a golfing fanatic as you are, then you better check out the HT Max-J junior golfing sets from Tour Edge. The HT Max-J Junior Boys Golf Set comes with everything that your child would need in order to play well on the course. It is a set of golfing clubs, stored in a high quality golf bag.

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Product Features

This set is ideal for kids that are 9 to 12 years old. The set offers highly innovative technology that helps to enhance your kid’s experience in playing on the links. Just like with all of the products from Tour Edge, this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

The golfing set comes with a lightweight stand bag that has a putter, a powerful titanium matrix driver, two stainless steel fairway woods, a hybrid, three irons and many more. This 5 x 2 club set is available in two different colors, pink and red, and is ideal for kids that are at least 4’4″ tall to a maximum height of 5’1”.

Excellent Performance

This set is designed to help your kids to be able to achieve excellent performance in the game of golf. The included driver is capable of producing a higher and better angle for the launch that results to a long and accurate shot. The hybrid that is made of stainless steel integrates a wide and forgiving sole with an efficient center of gravity resulting to maximum accuracy and distance.

The king-size irons that the set comes with offer a huge sweet spot. The straight and long iron shots putter that is of the mallet style comes with a relaxed alignment structure that makes putting one of the easiest things that your kid will do on the course. The stand bag helps your kids to be able to easily transport this bag on the greens.


As parents, we all want our kids to be able to enjoy their favorite game at the best way possible. So if your kid loves golfing, then you should give him full support by providing him with the products that they need.

Investing on this golf set from Tour Edge is certainly a good idea. Your kid will be provided with all the things that he needs in order to excel on the game and no matter how clumsy your kid might be, you can be assured that all of his golf essentials will be kept safe and secure with the highly reliable lightweight stand bag that this golf set comes with.