How To Improve Your Golf Short Game Skills

When it comes to golf, you will soon find out that your short game skills can have a tremendous impact on your score. If you can make improvements to your short game, which virtually anyone can do since there’s no need for any special abilities or extraordinary strength such as hitting a 300-yard drive, you can significantly reduce your scores quickly. The short game consists of the wedge game, putting and making chip shots around the greens.

Tips On Improving Wedge Game

If you watch professional golfers on television, you will notice that they are extremely adept when they have the wedge in their hands. They normally put the ball inside 15 feet to make putts easier, which is huge reason they consistently get very low scores. Whenever possible, make it a point to spend extra time on the course and work on your shots inside 130 yards. There’s no other way to master these types of shots other than to practice, so be sure to put the effort and work hard to improve your wedge game.

Become A Master Putter

Learning how to be great at putting can prove to be a challenge to anyone, even to the pros. They are always on the lookout for the magic putter or the best-putting technique that will amp up their game overnight. While it is imperative to use a high-quality putter and to have sound mechanical fundamentals, you should also keep in mind that it is best to stick to one primary technical approach and a single quality putter so you can avoid the yips. Reading greens is also essential in your game, and the key is to remain decisive with your read and believe in its accuracy, trusting that the ball will go in the hole.

man putting

Be sure to putt always, as this helps improve your game regardless of how long a certain putt may be. On longer putts, you wouldn’t want to aim for 3-foot circles as this increases your margin of error. Instead, view the ball going gently into the hole, as this makes your misses the closest and thus easiest to make. Make sure that you spend ample time on the greens trying to master your putts, especially those inside 10 feet. These are the most important putts that can drastically lower your scores. Another key element in becoming a master putter is maintaining a calm and quiet mind. You should be able to focus exclusively on the target, and keep all other thoughts away.