Why Female Golfers Choose the Tour Edge Women’s Max-D Cart Bag

If you search for the best golf bag to buy online, you will probably come across the Tour Edge brand. This brand has been in the business for 20 years now and they sell a wide range of golfing related products, such as the irons, wedges, putters and golf bags. What makes the brand to stand out is their ability to offer a lifetime warranty for all its products. As you know, not a lot of companies can afford to offer a lifetime warranty for their merchandise. What’s even great is the fact that Tour Edge do not cost a lot as what you would probably expect. Their products are priced reasonably, especially their golfing bags which come with great features.

One of these bags is the Tour Edge Women’s Max-D Cart Bag. It is the perfect product for women who are looking for a chic and comfortable model to carry on the course.

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Stylish and Lightweight

The Max-D is both stylish and lightweight, which is what every woman golfer would want for their golfing bag. This model is one of those bags that belong in the lightweight category and this means that women can carry it with ease without the assistance of anybody.

Another thing that helps to make the Max-D easy to carry is the premium molded handle that it comes with. It also comes with a built-in cart strap so you can securely fasten it on your cart. Above all, it is very stylish. It has a chic and feminine design which is what female golfers would love for their golf bag.


Here are the features that you would expect from the Womens Max-D Golfing Cart Bag from Tour Edge:

  • It has 10-inch 14-way divider that has full length dividers, ideal for organizing golf clubs.
  • It comes with a premium molded handle that helps in easy lifting and handling of the bag.
  • It’s equipped with a built-in cart strap and a strap band allowing the bag to be securely attached on the golf cart.
  • It features two velour lined pocket for keeping valuables safe.
  • It has four huge pockets for storing garments.
  • It has an insulated beverage pocket that keeps beverages cool longer.
  • It has a ball pocket with a magnetic closure for easy access of balls.
  • It has a matching rain hood that protects your valuables in the event of rain.


So as you can see, the Women’s Max-D by Tour Edge has all the features that every player would need in order to be able to play well on the greens. Aside from the features, the golf bag is also of great quality and has a stylish design. If you are one of the women golfers who prefer a stylish looking bag to carry in the golf course, this bag is what you should invest in. It has a very chic and feminine design, and is equipped with features that help female golfers to be able to carry their golf bags with ease.