The Features that Come with the Titleist 2014 Staff Stand Bag

Titleist is one of the leading brands of golfing accessories and equipment in the market. A lot of golfers are very much familiar with this brand, having built a reputation of providing excellent quality products. The company understands the need to come up with products that provide convenience and comfort to the player, whether a professional or a beginner.

If you are in need of a fully functional golfing bag that can accommodate all of your golfing essentials and other necessities, the 2014 Staff Stand from Titleist would be a great choice. This is a new model that Titleist has launched in the market. It comes equipped with all the accessories and features that you would expect from a golfing bag and more. And because it comes with a stand, you can leave it to stand on one area on the course while you focus on your game.

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Product Features

The 2014 staff stand bag by Titleist is among the latest golfing bags that were released in the market. It comes equipped with the features that you need:

  • Bag Sling- the golf bag comes with a sling that features a mesh underside that’s breathable.
  • Rain Hood and Towel Ring – comes with a towel ring coated in black with matching rain hood that’s zippered.
  • Dry Grip Bottom – integrated with a dry grip bottom as well as a handle.
  • Accessory Pockets – comes with apparel pockets, accessory pockets and additional pockets for keeping valuables.
  • Side Saddle Pockets – features pockets on the side saddle for apparel storage, as well as velour lined accessory pocket that’s zippered.
  • Top Cuff – comes attached with dual handles that are about 8.5 inches long as well as dividers that are made of a mesh material that’s padded. It also has a top cuff. It has four way full length dividers for golf clubs.
  • Stand – the automatic stand of the bag is well integrated to the top cuff. It has a flat bottom for added stability and is made of tripod rubber feet on the legs.

Customer Reviews

A lot of customers are pleased with how the Titleist 2014 Staff works. In fact, it earned a lot of positive responses online and it is also one of those golf bags that have excellent ratings. Customers love the fact that the bag is lightweight so it can be easily carried around in the golf course. It is comfortable to carry as well since it comes with a sling that is made of breathable mesh underside. It is stylish as well with attractive colors that will make you stand out.


These days, it’s rare to find a lightweight golf bag that comes complete with comfortable and convenient features and accessories that you need in order to have a great experience on the links. The 2014 staff from Titleist has everything that you need and the fact that it’s lightweight means that you can comfortably carry the bag without feeling any kind of pain on your back and shoulders.