Expect Great Features and Comfort from the Tour Edge Max-D Stand Bag

Tour Edge is one of the leading brands of golfing related products in the market. Recommended by experts, the company has been in the business for more than 20 years now and they are praised for standing behind their products by offering a lifetime warranty.

Another thing that makes them popular is their reasonably priced products despite of the fact that they come with a lifetime warranty. It’s rare to find companies these days that would offer affordable products along with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, Tour Edge has also won Golf Magazine’s “ClubTest” annual award which recognizes the best brands of golfing clubs in the market.

But other than the golf clubs, Tour Edge is also known for offering great quality golfing bags.  Their Tour Edge Max-D Stand Bag has earned lots of outstanding feedback and reviews online not only for its great quality but for its spacious storage pockets as well.

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Combination of Great Features and Comfort

The Max-D Performance collection of golf bags from Tour Edge is known for providing the ultimate combination of great features and extreme comfort, helping players to be able to play at their very best. The model has a 9-inch 7-way golf club divider on the top and is attached with an easy lift handle on the top, allowing you to comfortably carry it on and off the cart.

It also comes with all the storage pockets that you need. First, it has the velour lined pocket for keeping valuables safe. Next, it has the insulated pocket which you can use for storing beverages. Above all, the Max-D Stand belongs in the lightweight category so you won’t have a hard time in lifting the model when needed. With all these features, you can certainly enjoy your time on the greens.

Lightweight and Quick Release Stand

There are two types of golf bags that belong under the Max-D Performance collection of Tour Edge. One is the cart bag and another is the stand bag, which is where the Tour Edge Max-D Stand Bag belongs to. The golf stand bag is a type of bag that comes attached with a stand so you can simply leave the golf bag to stand on its own in one area while you focus on your game.

What’s great about this model from Tour Edge is that it features a lightweight and quick release stand so you can easily set it up on the field. In addition, the rubber feet of the stand is non slip so you can be assured that your bag stays secure while you play your game. The Max-D is also equipped with an integrated umbrella sleeve, a padded double strap, as well as a matching rain hood.


The way you choose your golfing bag can greatly affect the way you play on the course. Therefore, when it comes to a golf stand bag, make sure that you choose something that you can greatly rely on such as the Max-D from Tour Edge. As stated above, this model has a combination of great features and comfort.