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The Different Types of Orlimar Golf Bags

The Different Types of Orlimar Golf Bags

The Orlimar brand may not be as popular as other brands of golf bags in the market now, but this brand is fast gaining popularity among new and professional golfers. The brand is starting to build a solid reputation for producing the best quality golf bags, complete with innovative features. Thus, the Orlimar golf bags that you will find in the market now are known for their high performance at a very reasonable price.

Aside from golf bags, Orlimar also manufactures other golfing accessories, such as golf clubs, golf balls, gloves and other equipment. Therefore, they truly understand what the golfers’ needs are.

There are lots of Orlimar golfing bags that are available for you to choose from and you will not be limited to only a few choices. Each of these bags comes with several different features and designs but all of them are capable of protecting and securing all your golf essentials, especially your golf clubs. If you are thinking of buying the Orlimar golf bags, refer below for information on the different types of bags available for you.

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Orlimar CDX Golf Cart Bag

The Orlimar CDX comes with a 13 way divider top that is integrated with top and bottom handles for easy transport. This deluxe cart bag comes with several pockets that are more than enough to accommodate all your golfing needs. Among these are the two huge pockets for garment storage, another two pockets for accessories storage, fleece lined pockets for your valuables, as well as an insulated cooler pocket for keeping your beverages cool.

This model is so convenient to use and aside from the pockets mentioned, it is also equipped with tee holders, towel hook, glove holder, GPS pocket, pen holder, as well as external umbrella holder. It fits right on any type of golf cart and it is attached with a cart strap loop so it stays firmly on the cart and your golfing essentials will be kept fully secured.

Orlimar SRX+ Golf Stand Bag

The Orlimar SRX+ is another offering from the brand that can conveniently accommodate all your golfing needs, allowing you to focus more on your game. This model features the 6 way graphite safe top which helps to keep all your valuables fully organized and secure. You can use it for storing your clubs and other golfing accessories. If you have a lot of things that need to be brought to the course, then this model will not disappoint you. It has multiple storage systems, such as the beverage pocket, valuables pocket, a garment pocket and three accessory pockets that have ample space.

This model is also comfortable to carry around. It has a dual padded strap so your shoulders will not feel sore even if you carry it for a long period of time. It also features an integrated carry on handle and comes with a pen holder, umbrella holder, towel hook, glove holder and many more.

Orlimar Diamond Series Cart Bag

The Orlimar Diamond Series is ideal for lady golfers who are looking for stylish golfing bags that they can conveniently carry on the greens. But aside from being stylish, this model is known for its durability. There is a total of 14 compartments and features a graphite safe top with external putter holster.

This model keeps your valuables safe and secure and it manages your clubs well. It has handles down at the bottom and at the top for easy transport and handling. All in all, this model is equipped with two garment pockets, a total of three spacious pockets for storing golfing accessories, one insulated cooler pocket for beverages as well as a lined pocket that keeps valuables safe.

Carrying this model is not a challenge since it comes with a well cushioned shoulder strap, which is similar to most Orlimar golfing bags in the market.

Orlimar CVX Ladies Edition Pink & Lavender

Orlimar is popular among lady golfers for they are known to create stylish bags that will certainly delight every fashionable and stylish lady golfer out there. One of the golf bags that captured the heart of so many female golfers is the Orlimar CVX Ladies Edition Pink & Lavender. The pink and lavender color combination is the reason why this model is a limited ladies edition.

This model is so spacious yet it is very light that any female golfer will not have a hard time in carrying it. The padded carry strap is large enough that it is comforting on the back and shoulders. It also comes equipped with so many features, such as the adjustable umbrella holder, a garment pocket holder, valuables pocket and a pocket for beverages.

It has several storage spaces, perfect for females who love to bring a lot of stuff on the course. It has a rain hood as well so in the event that rain suddenly pours down while you are golfing, all your essentials will be protected. The best thing of all is that this is one of the Orlimar golf bags that are sold at a very reasonable price. You will be surprised to know that this model costs less than a hundred dollars only.