Comprehensive Review of the Titleist 2014 Lightweight Stand Bag

The Titleist brand of golf bags is known for its excellent quality. They are highly durable and are made from materials that are of superior quality. In fact, if you search for the best golf bags online, the Titleist golf bags will stand out.

The bags are known for their signature stands that are built in. They also come with huge storage pockets and the bags have enough room for balls, gloves, shoes and many more. All of these features are designed with the consumer’s comfort and convenience in mind, without compromising the sense of style.

There is a wide range of Titleist golf bags that you can find in the market these days but one of the bags that stand out is the Titleist 2014 Lightweight Stand Bag. The bag is very lightweight so you can comfortably carry it with ease.

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Product Description

The lightweight stand bag from Titleist is known for its excellent quality, great performance and exceptional design. It is a 14-way stand bag that comes with organizational cuff dividers on top. The oval shaped cuff dividers allow the clubs to easily cascade and distribute the weight evenly so you will not have a hard time carrying the bag.

The design also helps to minimize the rattling of the club heads. With this type of bag, you can enjoy a hassle free and well organized carrying experience in the golf course. All of the golf bags from Titleist fit well easily on any type of golf cart. The bag is also available for custom embroidery.

Product Features

Here are the features that come with the Titleist 2014 Lightweight Stand Bag.

  • Ball Pockets – comes with full size and side saddle ball and apparel pocket.
  • Dry Grip Bottom – bag is attached with a dry grip bottom and a lower assist handle.
  • Hip Pad – comfortable mesh covered pad for the hip. It is foam padded and attached with a pen holder.
  • Pockets – comes with accessory pockets, apparel pockets and additional pockets for storing valuables.
  • Rain Hood and Towel Ring – comes with a lightweight and black coated towel ring.
  • Side Saddle Pocket – comes with a full sized side saddle ball pocket and beverage pocket.
  • Stand – the stand is integrated towards the top cuff of the bag. The stand is automatic and has broad feet so it stays still. It has rubber feet and comes with a Velcro leg lock strap.
  • Strap System – it features the new auto fit strap system with velour underside and has extra padding on the stress points.
  • Top Cuff – comes with integrated handle, 14-way full length dividers, full wrap and padded mesh cuff and dividers.


As you can see above, the Lightweight Stand Bag from Titleist comes with several features. In fact, it has all of the features that you would expect from any kind of golf bag. But aside from these great features, this stand bag from Titleist is stylish as well so if you want a bag that will make you stand out and actually be a better golfer, this bag would be a perfect choice.