Why Choose the Titleist 2014 Lightweight Staff Cart Bag?

Titleist is one of the leading brands of golfing accessories and sportswear so it’s not surprising to see products from this brand whenever you search for the best golf bags in the market. The company has built a reputation for providing products with excellent quality and they are a trusted name when it comes to golfing bags, golf balls and other golfing related products.

Another reason why Titleist is gaining popularity is because of their ability to provide stylish bags. If you have seen some of the golf bags that they have created, you will find that these bags are indeed, stylish.

Among the most stylish golf bags that they have released in the market this year is the Titleist 2014 Lightweight Staff Cart Bag. Aside from being stylish, this bag is fully functional and is equipped with all the features and accessories that you would expect from a reliable golf bag.

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Product Features

The lightweight staff from Titleist is one of the most preferred cart bags in the market today. The reason is because it comes with features that provide comfort and convenience to the golfer allowing him to be able to put more focus on his game. Here are some of the features.

  • Dry Grip Bottom – it is equipped with a dry grip bottom as well as lower assist handle. The bottom part has rubber feet overlay.
  • Pockets – it has a pocket on the full length side for storing apparel. It has a three quarter length pocket on another side and it comes with two zippered accessory pockets on the spine area. There is another Velour lined pocket for keeping valuables. It also has a full size ball pocket on the side and a beverage pocket on the saddle.
  • Shoulder Sling Design – it comes with a Velour sling on the underside.
  • Top Cuff – it features an integrated handle on the top-cuff that is padded and mesh covered. It includes 7-way full length dividers for golf clubs.
  • Towel Hook and Rain Hood – it has a matching rain hood and a towel hook.

Customer Reviews

If you search online for more information about the 2014 Lightweight Staff from Titleist, you will be taken to links to various reviews written by customers who have tried using it. Most of the reviews are actually positive and customers have in fact given the bag excellent ratings and the reason behind this is because of the excellent functionality of the model. As you can see from above, this bag is equipped with features that you will find reliable. Another great thing written about the bag is its excellent styling and durable construction.


If you are in need of a golf bag that you can greatly rely on, then the lightweight staff cart bag from Titleist would be an ideal choice. Aside from the fact that it has all of the features that you would expect from a golf bag, it has excellent design and durable construction which is what golf bags should be like.