Why You Should Choose the Orlimar CVX Cart Bag

Orlimar may not be the brand that will first come to mind when you think of golf bags and other golf accessories. But if you check this brand online, you will find that it is actually fast gaining popularity among golfers, both professionals and amateurs. Orlimar has recently been acquired by King Par Corporation, a company that has been known worldwide for producing some of the best golf bags and golfing apparels. With this, you can be assured that Orlimar is a brand that you can definitely rely on when it comes to high quality golf bags and other accessories.

One of the products from Orlimar that you should check out is the CVX Cart Bag. The Orlimar CVX Cart Bag has earned a lot of praises from customers and it is one of those products online that has gained the highest rating. So read on to find out why you should choose the CVX.

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Product Description

The CVX from Orlimar is lightweight and this means that you will not have a hard time in carrying the bag and then transporting it towards the cart. What’s even better is that the Orlimar CVX comes attached with a double padded shoulder strap so you can easily carry it on your shoulders.

It also has handles on top and at the bottom so you will be able to carry it with ease without the assistance of anyone. Yet, despite of it being lightweight, you can be assured that the Orlimar is capable of accommodating all of your golfing essentials. This model has a lot of spacious storage pockets such as the fleece lined pouches for keeping valuables, garment pockets, insulated beverage holder, and many more. It also comes with external holders to store balls as well as a rain hood that securely snaps the bag in place in case of rain. And since it comes with a graphite safe top, you can be assured that your clubs’ shaft will be free from any scratches.

Product Features

To help you to be able to understand more about the product, here is a list of the features that it comes with:

  • It has a total of nine compartments that are graphite safe.
  • It comes with full length dividers.
  • It is equipped with two huge garment pockets.
  • It features a fleece lined valuables pocket.
  • It comes with glove holder, tee holder, umbrella holder and a towel hook.
  • The Orlimar CVX is available in two stylish colors – black and lavender.


It is easy to understand why a lot of consumers are beginning to love the golf bags from Orlimar. As stated above, this model comes complete with all the features that any golfer would need on the course.

With its stylish design and excellent features, one might think that the CVX is way too expensive. But if you check the product online, you will find that it is actually among the cheapest that you can find. It costs about $80, which is quite unbelievable knowing that it has everything that you are looking for in a golf bag.