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Titleist 2014 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag

Why You Should Buy the Titleist 2014 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag

Titleist is one of the brands that will stand out if you search for the finest quality golf bags and other golfing accessories in the market. A lot of customers can attest that the products that they manufacture are of excellent quality since they are all made from the finest quality materials.

Their golfing bags are gaining popularity in the market since they come equipped with features and accessories that can improve your experience on the course. All of the features are designed to provide comfort and convenience to the user and one of their signature features is the stand which is built in.

Aside from the stand, the bags come with several pockets for storing gloves, shoes, golf balls and more. The bags come in a wide array of colors and designs and one of the most popular of these bags is the 2014 14-Way Lightweight Stand bag from Titleist. This model is known for its great quality, excellent performance and attractive design.

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Product Description

The 14-way lightweight stand is the best choice of bag for a hassle free and well organized carrying experience on the course. The model comes with a top cuff, a feature that allows the clubs to cascade easily out of the golfing bag. This feature also minimizes the rattling of the club heads. Furthermore, it can fit well on any kind of cart, including motorized golf carts.

Product Features

The Titleist 2014 14-Way comes complete with features and accessories that you will normally find in the best golf stand bags. In fact, it has features which you cannot find on other brands and models of golf stand bags. Here are the features that the bag comes with:

  • It’s very lightweight, weighing 5.8 pounds only.
  • It has 14 way full length dividers.
  • There’s a full wrap and well-padded cuff attached with top handle.
  • It features the Auto Fit  Dual Strap System for added comfort.
  • There’s a velour lined pocket that keeps valuables and other golf essentials safe.
  • The hip pad is foam padded and covered with comfortable mesh material.
  • There are straps that are foam padded with velour underside.
  • The stand mechanism is attached with top cuff.
  • The stand is automatic with broad foot.
  • There’s an accessory pocket that’s zippered on the spine.
  • There’s a towel ring that’s black coated and lightweight.
  • There’s a full size and side saddle ball pocket.
  • It has a beverage pocket on the side saddle.
  • There’s an umbrella cord attached with grommet.
  • The legs feature a tripod rubber feet.
  • It features a Velcro leg strap.
  • The bag comes with a lower assist handle.
  • There’s a pen holder on the external portion.
  • It has a matching rain hood.


The list of features stated above should be enough to convince you that the 14 way lightweight bag from Titleist is the best golf bag to use on the golf course. What’s really great is that the bag is made of durable materials so you can be sure that it will last for a long time. It has a stylish design as well, so it’s perfect for those who want the kind of golf bag that will make them stand out.