The Best Features of the Tour Edge Men’s Exotics Xtreme2 Cart Bag

When you search the web for the best brand of golf cart bags these days, the Tour Edge brand is sure to come up first on the list. In fact, this brand has been included several times on Golf Digest’s Hot List of the best golf bags. Another thing that makes Tour Edge so popular is its lifetime warranty, a proof that their products are indeed of premium quality.

The company claims that quality standards are engineered and manufactured in each and every product they make and that is why they are guaranteed for a lifetime of usage. So if it’s a high quality golfing cart bag that you need, you may want to check out the Men’s Exotics Xtreme2 from Tour Edge. This golf cart bag is one of the bags under the Xtreme2 Collection of Tour Edge which is known for its highly innovative features and design.

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Highly Innovative Features and Great Design

As mentioned, the Exotics Xtreme2 by Tour Edge is one of those bags that come equipped with highly innovative features. It has a great design as well. In fact, the model has features which you cannot find on any other brand or model of cart bag, such as the integrated strap grip, a premium molded triple handle on the top and a cell phone pocket on the side.

The Men’s Exotics Xtreme2 is very spacious and is equipped with several storage pockets that keep all of your valuables and golfing essentials safe and secure. Above all, the model has a great design, with stylish color combinations that will make it to stand out on the course.

Lightweight and Roomy

Reading reviews online is one of the best ways to find out more information about the product. If you check out some reviews written about the Tour Edge Men’s Exotics Xtreme2, you will find that most customers agree that this model is one of the lightest bags to carry on the course and is roomy enough to accommodate all of your golfing essentials.

Although the Xtreme2 Cart is ideally used for golf carts, it is important that you can easily carry it on and off the cart. You will not have any issues carrying this golf cart bag because aside from being lightweight, it comes with triple handles so you can carry the Xtreme2 Cart with ease. The bag is also spacious enough so you can carry with you all of the things that you will need for your game in the golf course.


It’s not surprising to know why the Golf Cart Bag from Tour Edge is being recommended by the experts in the golf industry. As stated above, this bag come with innovative features and has a great design, which is what most golfers would want for their golf bags. But aside from the features and the design, the bag is lightweight as well and comes with several pockets to keep all of your valuables secure while you keep your focus on your game.