Adidas Golf Samba Golf Stand Bag

Adidas is a company that started in Germany in the year 1949. Its name came from a combination of the name of the founders, Adolf and Dassler. The company produces sportswear and accessories, so those who love sports are very much familiar with the brand.

But what made Adidas to become popular is its durability. The products are made from premium quality materials and therefore, they are expected to last for a long time. Among the most sought after products from Adidas are the golfing bags and one particular model, the Adidas Samba Stand, is among the most popular in the market nowadays. This model comes with several different features, which give convenience to the golfer.

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The Adidas Samba Stand has a clean, simple and basic look. Available in four different color choices, this model is recommended for those who are looking for a golf stand bag that is not too flashy. It only has two color combinations and has no third accent color unlike other brands of golfing bags these days. The Samba’s design is actually similar to the Adidas shoe with the same name so if you own this model of Adidas shoes, then the Samba Stand would be a great choice.


Weighing only 4.4 pounds, the Adidas Samba belongs under the lightweight category. In some brands and models, a lightweight bag would mean fewer pockets and less functionality. This doesn’t apply to the Samba because this model has a total of six pockets which could pretty much accommodate almost everything you need on the course.

There are easy access pockets which you can use in storing balls and tees and other accessories. The longer side pockets have ample space for storing much bigger items, such as your pair of shoes. Some other pockets can be used for gloves, hats, etc. There are valuable pockets as well, ideal for keeping your gadgets and other valuables secure. It even has a drink holder that will keep your beverage cold for a longer time.


The Adidas Golf Samba Stand is also known for its excellent functionality. The legs of the Samba can be easily deployed and retracted. Not a lot of stand bags can do this. In fact, this is one of the most common issues that you can face when it comes to using this type of golfing bags. The straps are well padded so it will not cause any sore on your shoulders. You will not feel any pinching or digging on your shoulders and it is truly comfortable on your back.


Overall, the Samba Golf Bag from Adidas is excellent, which is what you would expect from the Adidas brand of sportswear. The company has been consistent in producing high quality products and the Samba is a testament to this. It’s no wonder why you will find a lot of customers who are fully satisfied with this model if you search for reviews online.

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