Adidas Golf Japan CORE Stand Caddy Bag

Adidas is a leading brand of sportswear and accessories. In fact, the brand is popular among sports lovers around the world. When it comes to high quality footwear, Adidas will surely stand out. But aside from creating high quality footwear and sportswear, the brand is also known for its premium quality sports accessories, including golf bags.

Adidas makes a wide range of golfing accessories as well as bags, and one of these is the Adidas Golf Japan CORE Caddy Bag. It is a 6.4 pound Japanese model stand bag capable of accommodating all of your golfing essentials and accessories, most especially the clubs. Read this review to find out why this model is gaining lots of positive feedback in the market.

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High Quality Materials

From the name itself, these caddy bags are Japan made and thus, you can guarantee that it is highly durable. The Adidas Japan CORE is made from high quality materials, which is the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or EVA. This material is known for its toughness and for having good clarity and gloss.

The EVA is a commonly used material for padding on various sports equipment, such as bike saddles, ski boots, boxing gloves, water-ski boots, and many more. The material is waterproof so even if it rains on the course, you can be assured that all your essentials will remain dry and will stay in good condition.

The product has also gone through the polyethylene resin processing and some components are made out of polyester. So even though the product might be a bit more expensive as compared to other brands and models of golf stand bags, investing in it is still worthwhile.

Product Features

The CORE Caddy bag from Adidas is highly stylish. It is available in two colors, one is white and another is black. The design is superb and is ideal for men golfers who are looking for a stylish model to stash their golfing equipment.

The Japan CORE is 9.5 inches long and weighs 2.9 kilograms. It has a 7 way divider for keeping and organizing clubs. The CORE also comes with several pockets for storing balls, tees and other accessories. Buying one of these Japan Caddy Bags will also give you an option to put a name plate on the model itself, which will allow you to personalize it even more.


So as you can see, these Adidas Golf Caddy Bags are equipped with all the necessary features which a golfer will need. But what’s great about this model is that it is made of excellent quality materials and it is for this reason why this it is gaining huge popularity in the market now. In fact, if you go online and search more information about this model from Adidas Golf Japan, you will find that it has a high rating and most customers are very much satisfied with the functionality of these bags. So if you are looking for a model that will give you your money’s worth, this product from Adidas is the perfect choice.

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